Prague College - zero years of business and graphic design Added:26.5. 2008
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Prague College - zero years of business and graphic design

College opens zero classes of business and graphic design. This is the desired fields of business and graphic design. You can take advantage of students who were unable to find an appropriate high school or failed the entrance exams. During the preliminary year students gain academic salaries, which are required for admission to universities around the world. Students who successfully complete the preliminary year will ensure access to programs in the College with opportunities to earn credits.

British private school education college offering bachelor degree programs in five types of basic modules: Business and Marketing, IT and Computing, New Media, Accounting and Finance. It emphasizes the practical application of students and individual approach. At last year occurred in the fields of graphic design and interactive media to increase three-fold interest. For each program student college school creates an individual learning plan, which will focus on its specific needs and goals.

What may look like a typical student zero class:

  • The student has the required level of English for university education
  • The student has not completed previous education diploma or high school diploma
  • The student has completed or has only partial IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • The student has a high school diploma from a country outside the EU and wants to start studying at a British university

Entry requirements:

  • 17 years or more
  • A student interested in higher education


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