The Special Branch: Religions Added:29.5. 2008
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The Special Branch: Religions

Study of Religion, not only takes you into the lives of believers and the shelves of libraries, but will allow you an insight into the mysteries of history, the foundations of sociology, psychology, ethnology and anthropology. Humanities richer mixture would be difficult to find. Note: Article was updated on the 12th 11th 2009 (-bel-)

** ** The content of study

Study of Religion should you be particularly impartial to introduce the basic world religious traditions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism) are important but also knowledge of the already extinct religions (ancient religion) or relatively new (new religious movements and trends). Students should be well versed in the field theory, learn to find connections with other scientific disciplines, and to plant and religious phenomena in a broader context. This corresponds to the subjects taught in this field.

** Where it is possible to study **

Religions can currently as an independent field study at four sites in the country, and at Masaryk University in Brno, Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, University of Pardubice.

** Admission **

The only condition for admission to study at the Faculty of Religious Studies MUNI Brno is the successful completion of a test study assumptions (TSP).

Admissions at Charles University in Prague has two parts. In the written part of the prospective students to interpret the specified text in Cz, and translate foreign language text into Czech (EN, DE or FR), the second part of the debate are three issues presented by the Reading List. Also, admissions to the HTF Charles University in Prague has a written and oral. Admission is passing the knowledge test and an interview focused on the motivation to study. Pardubice religion requires passing the written test and provide a list of literature I have read (at least 5 titles) with its own commentary. Entrance exam can be waived for an average of 1.10 marks in selected subjects.

** Graduates **

Religious Studies graduates may apply individually or as expert advisors and media consultants in the specialized field of study during which the focus, or. the field of new religious movements and the current religious situation and its context in general. With the wide scope of study can also operate in a multicultural dialogue (eg diplomacy, civil society initiatives) may exercise editorial, educational and teaching activities, or. their ability to exercise at work in museums, archives and cultural institutions. It is also possible to continue research activities in the field.

** For more **

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