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Western School will better prepare them for life Added:2.6. 2008
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Western School will better prepare them for life

Tomas Bort (28) in the last summer semester, decided to change studies at the University for one semester abroad. As your destination you choose a high school in Barcelona. And that's what it's like to study – and perhaps not only to study – in Spain, you can read in our interview.

** When and where you started, where you studied and how long you were actually there? ** I went in a quarter (editor's note: 1st year Master's degree, University of Prague, Major: Information and Communication Technology). I studied at ESADE (Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas) in Barcelona, ​​in the CEMS program. And I classically there for one semester.

** How did you get the possibility to study in Spain come from? Just log in, or do you also meet some specific conditions – for example, have good benefits? ** The simple answer: Everything is the only school in the Republic involved in the CEMS program, under which each student must spend a semester at my university and a semester at a partner (it is currently involved 19 countries = 19 universities). I had a classical scholarship – the Erasmus program (paid by the EU and the Ministry of Education). The system is the same for all students who commute through the Erasmus program. On the basis of bilateral agreements concluded between the University and ESADE: you get Acceptation letter (so that you take) completed Learning Agreement (learning contract), where all objects, what are you going to study (confirmed by the student, the sending and receiving institution) to sign the Financial agreement (there is, what will be a scholarship). Then you get the Erasmus Student Charter. After graduation you receive Confirmation of study period (from when to when you're studying) – It is an acknowledgment that you drew the right financial contribution. And get the Transcript of Records – There are the results of your study, and finally you fill out and submit the final report of the student. Just – a lot of bureaucracy.

** As there seemed to study? And how does it differ from the studio here? ** The study team is more. Otherwise, the items „not much“. I had 50% of subjects in English, 50% in Spanish. I studied the same field. Home study ICT, there is international management.

** As there seem to test? ** Tests are teamwork, writing homework, test, final presentation. I had no oral exam.

** How and where you live? ** ESADE has its own track, but they are so expensive that they can afford to live there just insane. So I stayed in private – in an apartment with another „zahraňákama. It was quite "fair“, only I lived closer to school and away from the center (not very busy night).

** And what did you do when you're not in school? ** I did a lot. I put it together with local students and assist them with organizing, then there are a couple of organized actions by would-be student organizations. Otherwise we are talking about themselves (such as foreign students) – we went after Catalunya, we were in Pais Vasco (Basque Country) and even Las Fallas (Valencia).

** It is there to make a living from the money you receive as a student, or must you bring your own money? Alternatively, there is a possibility to somehow earn? ** So for all scholarship definitely not enough (and neither does), so 60% –70% of the cost. So you need to bring with them their own money. Scholarship you are about to hire enough, everything else goes in your pocket …

In Spain in general can make a living – we are members of the EU, so there just to get a license (fill in a few papers and go to a foreign police) and you can start working. Semester I studied there (that I only „used“ student life), but over the summer I worked there, and actually I've earned everything I went there before for the half year „spent“.

** Finally, a classic question – what could you do? ** It was a good experience – you get to the very different kinds of people. For example, you see beautiful, as is Czech (and all of Central / Eastern European) system of another … In the west are accustomed to discuss this out as a team and did not think the school prepares you for life more (not because of cramming, but the understanding of the topic, can the present and we can stand behind your opinion – of course in the beginning and not being afraid to say that my opinion). But I have to admit that the University should be beginning to realize this and begin to adapt. However, it is still a long way …

I learned there that Czech students on the European market do not have much chance (or you have to really try, you got a better paid job). Last but not least, I know there are some really great people from all over Europe (including the ocean), with which I more or less in contact now.

If you want to know more about CEMS, under which Thomas got into Spain, information is available at „“:

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2269/Co­rrida_Valenci­a.JPG]

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