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Oral Interview: What to bring Added:5.6. 2008
Updated:20.3. 2011
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Oral Interview: What to bring

Entrance exams for high school graduates are the second, although in scope somewhat smaller test adulthood. Most fields only print the written test. No wonder – where the number of candidates registered in the four-digit numbers should be made an oral interview is very difficult.

** Where ** With oral entrance exam, you may encounter such as the Palacky University in Olomouc, Department of Physiotherapy, or at the Charles University, majoring in Sociology. Such subjects, however, much more, you will encounter them at every university.

** COUNCIL FIRST – THE EVIDENCE BASE ** In particular, you must have the right documents – check at your invitation, after you request an oral interview. Two basic things but you always have – identity card and an invitation, without them even get an interview. There is also damage to carry the other evidence, if you have (passport, driving license).

** Many species – LISTINGS CAN HELP ** Think what you want to take a commission. These people in one day hear a lot of people, Hinder is poor preparation for their own presentations. 've Ever competed in a field that you want to study? Write it – international competitions, Olympiads School (note the relevance of the data, no one cares that you won in the preschool plush toy for recitation), the most important type is always the first place. You have graduated in the summer field school, camp, you wrote a book, collaborating with newspapers (TV, radio …), learning the language school, etc.? Leave it to confirm. Your word will carry more weight if the Commission shows evidence that this is indeed interested in the field. But caution – the sample is usually not the time.

** COUNCIL THIRD – CHECK ** The day of the exam is usually very hectic – nervousness, long way away, spent the night in hotels or with friends, all the signs of your attention. Check prefer to keep all three, you may be able to return to a lost cause, or post it to send to school.

** What's next? ** In some areas you need to submit a list of literature you read (obviously written on the computer, not the knee through the interview). The options are different in this respect, therefore, carefully see the invitation, where you have everything you need listed.

** ** And finally – do not forget your lunch. You laugh? Of course, who would interview the stress of even thinking about food. In addition, you receive the exact timetable. But this is only indicative and can not say never, how much time you spend actually on the test. It is therefore not the case with you at least take a drink and something to eat – like chocolate, if you need to soothe inflamed nerves. Just a caution to the commission before the chocolate nepředstoupili relics of clothes – in this case, the Commission will certainly remember, but you probably will not be useless.

Note: Article was 20 3rd Updated in 2011. (KAV)

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