News from the USB - additional admissions Added:3.6. 2008
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News from the USB - additional admissions

A study at the University of South Bohemia (USB) in recent years, reported at about four times more applicants than can be taken for capacity reasons. In last year's reported total Ju 12,768 applicants for the academic year 2008/2009 of South University has adopted nearly 11,000 applications to study. Expected number of new first-year students in the 3682 applicants.

Some courses are listed additional admissions (eg Italian at the Faculty of Arts), the total number of applications is therefore likely to increase. They are also an extension of time for some follow-up master's and doctoral programs (eg, follow-up Master Archaeology DP, doctoral study at ZSF JU), but these figures are published in the following table not reflected (without LLL, PhD, and follow-up studies).

** The development of applications for Ju **

  • Comparison by faculty in 2007/2008:

Economics: 1902/1744

Arts: 550/815

Education: 4947/3709

Science: 583/738

Theology: 522/594

Agriculture: 1466/1453

Health and social: 2798/1843

Total: 12768 / 10896

(Given that many areas are still open to accepting applications, these details may change.)

** Interest disciplines within the Faculty ** Within the faculties on the basis of applications received showed the greatest interest of applicants to the fields of Commerce Faculty of Economics, historical subjects, and a new field of art history at the Faculty of Arts, Kindergarten Teacher and educational psychology at the faculty of science faculty is interested in the fields evenly distributed. The theological faculty it is social work and charity work, and Pedagogy of leisure time, as General Nursing and Rehabilitation, psychosocial care for disabled children, adults and seniors in health and social faculty, Agroecology, Biology and protection of organisms of interest and a new field of agribusiness in agricultural faculty.

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