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Oral Interview: What to expect Added:7.6. 2008
Updated:20.3. 2011
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Oral Interview: What to expect

Although no longer enough fields, where you take an oral entrance exam, meet with her can. I was „lucky“ and did just three. What looks like an oral exam and what you are asking? There are several questions and situations you will encounter almost everywhere. If you know about them, you can prepare for them and certainly will not shock many.

** How the test looks like? ** It depends on whether it is merely a symbolic interview or the second part of the examination, which follows the writing. In both instances, a little nervousness is normal and your trying to surprise. Somewhere to meet with nice and helpful approach, but it is not obvious. People are different and even somewhat choleric doctor you should not overly disconcerting. It is expected from you, that in the area for which you apply, be oriented. Of course, you can not know everything, but you should demonstrate a deeper knowledge than čtvrthodince at GCSE.

** FAQ **

** Why should we take you? ** The motivation is almost certainly ask you, so you can prepare well. Unfortunately we can not predict whether a genuine reason for trying to persuade, or will provoke. The answer „because I enjoy it“ is certainly not sufficient. On the contrary, they take for example if you mention their previous activities on the field to which you want to get more high school knowledge. Feel free to also talk about what you would like to be on high.

** Questions ** list of references When you create a list of references, make sure you really know what books are different. There is nothing more embarrassing than when you are trying to ask about the book you supposedly read, and you say nothing. But I must admit that I myself was asked about the title, which I (at your opinion) knew very well, and the professor shook his head disapprovingly. Even better you can prepare, if you have a list of fiction. Each author should know his work and also to know about a time in which the story is set in the book, you already said.

** Questions to test ** If you previously completed the oral portion of the entrance written, you can also ask for something from the test. If you are not sure about something, try to find the right answers right.

** Questions from the Field ** Find out if you are not aware of questions to which you may ask. Anyway, if you do not expect a symbolic oral interview, you asked a question on the field for which you are applying. Sometimes the drawings are made, while others ask outright.

** On what to watch ** Voice probably neuhlídáte. But if you have stage fright and you know that you could shake hands, place them on the table. Let it rather in the lap. If you report to more schools, although there's nothing wrong with that, but if it is not absolutely necessary, do not boast of it. Professors love to hear how much you want to just get their business.

At the entrance of oral experience, we asked several students:

Kate, 20 years old (student of Journalism, Charles University) At the entrance to the oral journalism can get up to ten points for publishing in the media, up to ten points for reading. The rest of points can be obtained for an answer to a question that relates to culture, sport, Czech Republic and abroad, foreign or domestic policy. Everything revolves around current events. A lot of people publish information and not take them, so that so many do not last – it's just a fraction of the points. Rather, it depends on your speech. You may say that you have filed or elsewhere – then I think you have so much interest in just about journalism. I had Vaclav Moravec. Nicely broke me – I pulled out my unpopular domestic policies and asked the great details that I did not know much. But it is true that one must be sure of his answer – or attempt to distribute and you do not know if it was finally right. With him I only had a problem … but they are all generally unpleasant. Try to talk to the Registry and make the longest list of professional reading and fiction (usually they ask for fiction).

Judith, 21 years old (student of Primary School Teacher, a combination of French and Geography, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice) Mr. Dr. Marty is a nice guy and his wonderful accent, I was almost without words … But otherwise it was probably good. They are not in the oral tough, I would compare it to graduation, but without training. They asked the question (me for example about my family) and then the books I read. You talk to people you have ever seen. If you're unlucky, not at all pleasant, and they will try to prove that studying at university is no fun. A little knowledge expansion in the area for which you are applying should be obvious. The main thing is not to panic and keep smiling. For me it worked out quite a run on it even now in testing.

Veronica S., 22 years I was at the entrance to the oral teaching of the secondary school – a combination of English language and basic social sciences at the Faculty of Charles University. She sat on the committee three people. The English wanted list after I read the literature, for which they gave extra points and they asked him. Then we talked about whether they are a cultural festivals Liberec (Note: Veronica comes from Liberec). Nothing I nelosovala, they asked themselves. The SES also give points for literature, but I have not read anything, so it did not concern me. I was married twenty-seventh and twenty people, but I wrote that by increasing the capacity and where do I sign up additional admission, probably take me.

Note: Article was 20 3rd Updated in 2011. (KAV)

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