Josef Vavroušek - Compete 30 000 CZK Added:6.6. 2008
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Josef Vavroušek - Compete 30 000 CZK

Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University announces a public competition for the Josef Vavroušek. The basic focus of the work to be presented concern the relations of nature, society and culture. Comments can be specified in the following problem areas: • investigating the threats and opportunities for sustainable development; • the role of public policies, using the criteria of sustainability; • the so-called human ecology of possible futures; • global world economic balance and economics of natural resources; • international political system and economic balance (including the territorial comparative studies); • ethical and spiritual issues related to the company's sus­tainable development; • the role of science, mass communication, journalism and educational systems in the creation and transformation of human and cultural values.

Kind of work: Theoretical, empirical or theoretical, empirical studies of the possible result of the practical applications. The competition will include bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses defended in the current and last academic year, accompanied by testimonials and information about the performance of the defense.

Categories of competition:

  1. the student (the nature and extent of undergraduate or thesis);
  2. scientific research (nature and extent of post-graduate work).

In both categories of cases into account both individual and team work.

Range of possible candidates: Students, doctoral students and young workers at Czech universities, scientific and research centers (indicative limit to 35 years). Competition Rules: The prize is awarded once a year. Deadline of works is set to 4 7th 2008th The competition is open only defended the work.

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