The new dictionary will help with the translation of a CV Added:11.6. 2008
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The new dictionary will help with the translation of a CV

Students who wish to combine work with learning the language and go to work outside the Czech Republic is increasing every year. Those who do not want to take advantage of some of the language agencies and would like to got a job "on their own, should help a new online dictionary that can handle translation of a CV or professional terminology.

On-line Dictionary of DISCO (Dictionary of skills and competencies) is a new project of the European Union. Meanwhile handle translation from (or into), Czech, English, German, French and Hungarian. And a single web page vocabulary to communicate in five languages.

In addition to the above-mentioned CV translation dictionary offers a translation job ads or search for individual professional terms to which you will instruct offered submenu.

The site is also possible to directly create a complete biography – and easily, without a long search, how it should look properly biography – Dictionary of the creation you made yourself.

Reference to a dictionary DISCO „“: Http://

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