Olomouc Science Fair for the eighth time Added:13.6. 2008
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Olomouc Science Fair for the eighth time

UP Faculty organized in cooperation with representatives of some secondary and primary schools from the 8th of Olomouc annual festival of science popularization activities for pupils of elementary and secondary schools. The event will take place on Friday 20 June and again her mission will be to demonstrate that science can be fun, and the Faculty of UP is "a good place for further study, as stated in the Friday the university web journal.

This year's version of the program over the past years changed somewhat, "to the whole event does not become routine for both acting as well as for visitors. For example, the work of students from all disciplines of the faculty will be presented in the form of interactive entertainment and competitions.

Fair will be held at the Exhibition Hall and Flora in a nearby park, where to situate the organizers of its initial year (address: Wolkerova 17, Olomouc).

Current information on the watch "website UP: http://www.upol.cz/…y/aktuality/.

Source: „the Friday No. 14/2008“: http://www.upol.cz/…ark-2008.pdf

Author: Černá, Lucie

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