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I am a student. Brno student. Added:12.6. 2008
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I am a student. Brno student.

And here is the highly anticipated moment. We run to the mail intended for the letter into your own hands. Trembling fingers he opened, concealing his breath, close your eyes and … yes! Welcome! But oh – is addressed from the Masaryk University in Brno and your hometown is somewhere else …

Brno is widely regarded as a student city, every school year there will be added around 80 thousand students, so your new student life here is ready. All you have only one thing, but probably the hardest of all – something with a new city, new people and new life at all „to live“.

The first step to study in Glasgow is somehow transported there. The journey from Prague and Jihlava government about the uncrowned king of D1, Student Agency, other cities, students often travel by train. Whether you choose a bus or Czech Railways, with an ISIC card, you get a new student, or to confirm that you are a student in Glasgow, and here you have to commute, the average fare by about a third cheaper.

As for housing, you have two choices. Hostels and lodgings. In the last three years, but the price rose enough to track (the cheapest in 1500–2 hundreds of dollars per month – but really not a luxury) that choose to pay more rent, the more people it works out financially same thing, and it's much more convenient. Higher price around the Masaryk University tries to compensate for the so-called accommodation scholarship. Basically, eat it right students who are studying the first degree program of study at the due time, and not from Brno and its surroundings. Shall be paid each semester and the student has four pockets to fill thousands of crowns.

Furthermore, everything else you will probably also miss my mother's kitchen. In here you'll unfortunately have to wait until the weekend, would you feed but they manage the school canteen and cafeterias. Around Glasgow there is a little over ten per day and has, among other dishes for those who do not order a meal a day in advance, lunch or dinner at thirty crowns. Portion size and taste of food will probably need all of you to judge for himself.

In conclusion, one more thing – a faithful guide for the entire period of study will be the above-mentioned ISIC card. Without it – you are nothing. This card not only gets you into most areas of Masaryk University (for example, a central computer lab), serves as your identification and confirmation that you are a student, but also the money you put on it that draw on the copy or the payment of lunches. It looks like a trifle, but believe me, forget home ISIC is perhaps the most unforgiving of what can happen to you.

More information about accommodation and food „here.“: Http://www.skm­

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