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The longest holiday of your life Added:15.6. 2008
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The longest holiday of your life

Dear graduates, you've got the longest vacation of your life. Well does not that sound cool? After the hard work around the entrance and graduation they certainly deserve a rest. So long time off but can be used as an active …

TRAVEL Summer atmosphere always attracts me to travel into the unknown, whether the Czech Republic or abroad. You, too, but ..? No, no more excuses – probably never have more time to travel than now. Grounds friend, sister, friend, or simply ride off alone. Jade to the South Moravia Or what about the women's journey to the sea? Whether you realize it or not, it is also the last summer, when it can be relatively easy to organize a larger event with classmates from high school, so do not miss this chance. You do not have enough money to travel? Much can be saved should stop, housing in tents or hostels, or using different discount rail tickets. When traveling, of course, do not forget the student card, such as the internationally recognized ISIC. And even if the coins are not enough, try to get a job.

Brigade For many of us, the brigade has more or less welcome, but essential part of summer. Decision number one: stay in the Czech Republic, or look around outside? Abroad, you are likely to experience more interesting, better pay, but you are also exposed to greater risk. Especially if you go on your own, it can easily happen that you can not find work and ultimately cost you experience (as far as experience, abroad, in my opinion, not make hardly ever). To insure this, try to work to get through a recruitment agency. Naturally, the sooner you start looking for summer job, the better chance you have of success. But you can try to get something on their own. Write your resume (if you apply for work abroad, so naturally the local language or English) and a copy of the offer of places where you would like to work. If you hear from you, call yourself and politely remind you.

PRACTICE Four, in some cases even five months off, is a unique opportunity to gain some experience in your field. The ideal option is, of course, that you get paid for it. But unpaid practice can be useful in the future and it is certainly easier to obtain. Feel free to make even inaccessible přeptat companies that are considered prestigious – Believe in yourself, nothing can be as a test and resume it will look good.

LANGUAGES Another way to deal with this summer is to improve in foreign languages. Bids are many, but mainly depends on your budget. The ideal option is to travel abroad for an intensive language course and stay there in the family. A cheaper option is a language course or camp in the Czech Republic, where private lessons, ideally with a native speaker (often worth more than the organized courses at language schools). Or – you do not know a stranger in your neighborhood who would like to learn Czech? You could agree to so-called tandem – mutual language learning. The cheapest, but also effective option is to pull the book, rozvalit the grass and cram and cram and cram.

SUMMER SCHOOL If you want to improve in areas other than language, shake off the summer school. Organized in many different fields and locations, and not all are designed exclusively for college students. Přeptejte with their teachers if they do not know of any, follow the message boards and newspapers, probrouzdejte Internet, go to speak to friends … certainly an interesting event you encounter.

SPORTS Do not just pick up in the spiritual realm – you must want to learn a new sport? Or start a regular jog, play tennis, swim or ride a bike? Summer after all of this is ideal!

Whether you decide to use this summer, however, I wish you to not only your longest, but the best. Long live holidays !!!!!!!!!

The editors vysokýchš Kavanová Lucy, Editor in Chief

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