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Graduate Computer Science may choose work Added:19.6. 2008
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Graduate Computer Science may choose work

Science belongs to the fields deemed most practical, as far as future success. If this is true, how difficult it is to study and what is good to prepare, tells us section. Robert Vystrčil (26), a successful graduate of the FI at the Masaryk University in Brno.

** Robert, what field are you studying exactly? ** The Faculty of Computer Science at the MUNI in Brno I had to choose only two options – Applied Informatics, which is practically oriented, and so-called theoretical computer science. I decided on the second. In the last two years of study I chose the specialization in Information Systems.

** Studies met your expectations? What are you most surprised him in? ** I had no expectations, and it was thus fulfilled. (Laughs) No seriously! But I guess I expected that after graduation I will be more of an expert. This, however, I still lack the necessary experience. I was especially surprised about how mathematics can be difficult.

** It is true that the FI study mostly boys? ** Definitely yes. Girls element is rare and always arouses a lot of attention. The favor of girls among the boys often a big fight.

** Although it is a subjective thing, but could you tell us more about how the study was challenging? Which subjects are among your favorite and what does consider to be „ghosts“ field? ** The study certainly not considered to be easy. But very much depends on assumptions of an individual. Anyone can easily learn how a commemorative text, one can easily understand the mathematical and logical issues. Those who had only the first assumption, the school would probably not make it. I've seen the tests, which I learned the whole week. But on the other hand I had during the semester and a lot of free time to enjoy sport, photography and other hobbies. I liked items associated with digital photos, databases, data protection, or even quite demanding formal languages ​​and automata.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2287/rob-kyjev2.bmp]

** It was hard to find extra income already in the field during their studies? Is this normal practice? ** I'm working on my web project that I started it during my studies at college. And during my studies I started to make ends meet and photography. But many of my classmates had a classic employment, students are generally very active workhorses and also cheap, so companies demand. The demand for computer science is really great and a graduate of the school you currently may well choose.

** And finally, the obligatory question: What would you recommend potential candidates about your career? What assumptions should meet the candidates? ** Perhaps the only prerequisite is a good logical thinking and then as in all fields particularly interested. Definitely recommend anyone to choose to mandatory subjects of many other voluntary practice-oriented, studied in the fewest number of students in classes in order to interact. Get some experience from abroad, such as to leave the residence through the Erasmus. When studying the test as many examples as well as read some extra text, in English, not to try just about good results in examinations. The time spent on „more“ is a great investment for the future.

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