Field Oral History (Faculty of Humanities) is still accepting applications Added:17.6. 2008
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Field Oral History (Faculty of Humanities) is still accepting applications

Up to 15 7th 08 are invited to report on the candidates study course Oral History – Contemporary History at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University. It is the MA program, which is available in both full form, length of study is two years.

Study builds on the bachelor's degree programs, social sciences and humanities, focusing on highly prospective problems of contemporary history in a broad interdisciplinary, geographical and chronological approach. It also allows the two production lines – a historical and methodological.

Entrance examinations will be held on 3 9th 2008 and two rounds. The minimum number of accepted full-time study: 20 The minimum number accepted in the study combined: 15

More information about the admission procedure as well as studies in this field, see „Here.“: Http://www.fhs­­lt.asp?id=257

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