What summer? Write a contest! Added:20.6. 2008
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What summer? Write a contest!

It means a lot for your summer leisure time and want to use it somehow meaningful (for example with regard to his future career), to connect with pleasure and log into one of the many literary competitions ** 2008 **!

For the third year to join the contest Write down …!. This time it will be a „complete story of Irena Obermannové“: http://www.citarny.cz/index.php?…. With his own prose work, you can also subscribe to the newspaper Literary Competition „Stories of 2008“: http://www.literarky.cz/…roku2008.php?… fantasy fans would appeal to contest Publishing fragment „Lost World“ : http://www.fragment.cz/soutez/ or „Fénixconu.“: http://neviditelnypes.lidovky.cz/p_scifi.asp?…

If you are more supporters of verse and rhyme, his poetic creations, you can send in an experience of „literary contest Clement Bochořáka“: http://www.spmp.ic.cz/ or „competition Polabi Book Fair.“: Http://www .vll.cz / calendar vystav.php? id = 1017

For each competition can be sure to carefully read the terms of the number of words you redundant or inappropriately chosen topic did not prepare for the chance to put up. What matters is the closing date of the competition. Often the condition that the work entered in the competition has never been published. Except perhaps valuable items in your CV and motivation can be a valuable prize for the winner, which often range in the hundreds of thousands.

When you strike out the water, so do not forget to pack your tanning cream and a notebook and pen. Good luck!

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