Jobs abroad: you know where you're going? Added:23.6. 2008
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Jobs abroad: you know where you're going?

Going to go beyond the extra income, but working conditions are somewhat vague and incomplete information? Hlodají doubts in you or around you discouraged? The slogan „Better safe then sorry“ applies to work abroad twice.

To avoid any complications, you should as soon as possible before departure to check whether your destination country requires a visa and work permit is required if a passport or an ID is sufficient. Documents are still trying to have with you and make not be strangers. Before signing any agreements to consult with more experienced and carefully read the conditions. Find out also about taxation and the payment method, the accommodation and food and do not forget to bring your finances back in all cases.

The dangers of working abroad is spoken mainly in terms of women and girls. If you're among those who have chosen to work this summer hostess, bartender or a dancer in a foreign country, be cautious. Find out contact the Czech embassy in the country, tell his place of residence and your loved ones do not sign the contract in a language they understand. Before leaving you to the security of its future work can also check on line 22 71 ** 71 71 ** organization La Strada. ": Http://www.stra­

The above notice should you still not entirely discourage the desire to travel while earning money. After a daring (and informed) luck!

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