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How to write a successful appeal Added:23.6. 2008
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How to write a successful appeal

Once you pass the greatest disappointment that you did not get the school to which you want to get most of all, it's time to try to do something. Appeal. What should contain in order to have a chance of success?

** ** The start

Before you start furiously enumerating the reasons why you deserve to become a student of the school, in a letter to the dean, it is necessary to ascertain basic thing – how many total points you have achieved in the admission procedure and how much you have received less than the last bidder. Of course, the less the better. Good is also familiar with the laws that govern appeals against rejection (much information can be found in Vysokoškloském Act 111/98 Coll.).

** Arguments that take **

Now it's time to start thinking about reasons why you as a candidate better than the others. The argument that you are applying to medical school because you love from childhood neighbor Janie played with a doctor and you are therefore best placed, really does not help.

The first important arguments are therefore your ability. The appeal attach a copy of graduation certificate, certificates on the level of foreign language, Olympics results, which you participated, or even an article that appeared in your county newspaper. For example, the expression and some authority (the school or employer) that your ability to testify.

It is important to take into account the above points that you missed for adoption.

Other arguments are, however, „failure“. They looked you get your questions harder than the ones which others have talked about candidates for testing in the hallway? They pulled you round at the oral question to which you are least of all what to say or you feel like your out of commission too subjectively scored? Mention of it – and keep it mainly to document what (faculty should be able to access all documents), the school will review your comments.

Try to take into account the test conditions – for example, noise in classrooms, where it took place, a great distance from the place of residence to the place of examination or even a poor family's financial situation for which you are unable to attend the preparatory course of the school.

** Those who have succeeded **

On the Internet you can find several designs appeal. Among them was an appeal, which was a real success and was a student at the school because it is adopted. Perhaps you can find inspiration in them.

The appeal, which was successful: „Www.kampomatu­“: Http://www.kam­­dex.asp?menu=3&re­cord=21476,

Specimen of appeals: „“: Http://­­raty/­p?id=664,


Universal application for appeal document for Masaryk University: „“:…adost_NS.pdf

Link to higher laws: „“:…elor_appeals

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