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I am a student. Prague student. Added:25.6. 2008
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I am a student. Prague student.

You got to college in Prague, but you have the capital were only a few times in my life on a school trip? We have prepared instructions on how to make sense in the city and what to be careful from the beginning.

** ** Transport in Prague If you do not have a school right near the track and also occasionally going to go somewhere, it is ideal to transport in Prague to buy the coupon. If you take it while you still have an ISIC, you must also purchase the pass as a service (this is needed to photograph and certificate of study). Otherwise, point of sale sufficient to provide the ISIC, and the coupon to receive the package add to the ISIC. There are several kinds of coupons: quarterly, monthly, ninety and thirty. The last two of those yourself, you can fix the date from which the coupon will pay the first two apply to the set / s Month / e. For those with a shorter term will pay CZK 260 for those with a longer 720 CZK. List of sales points and other useful information can be found on „“:

** Meals ** Food prices in supermarkets are not much different from those in other cities. Over lunch in the cafeteria to pay around 35 CZK. If you are willing to pay more, you can choose in some cafeterias instead of the classic example minute lunch. For ordering and payment varies according to individual schools.

** Accommodation ** The room on campus will pay about 2 500 CZK (person / month) above, the price depends on the number of people in the room and the overall level of accommodation and services. When selecting a college, consider whether you are willing to use a common bathroom. Further follow connection to the internet, which is really important, distance and availability of school buildings. Take time to find out which devices are the closest. The exceptions are students who mistakenly provide accommodation in halls of residence on the opposite side of town. If you prefer to live in private apartments, the price you can come out like that – it depends on how big an apartment you inhabit, where, and how many people. Housing supply can be found such as: „www.bytyvpra­“:, to the best offers are usually known to get through.

** Working ** Prague is definitely the best city for students who want to earn and what the earnings and opportunities are concerned. If you want to work, surely you can find something. Tenders for the work related to your field, you can search not only for specialized servers. Explore the website of your school boards in the building – maybe that is where you find an interesting offer. If you are still only undemanding brigade will be convenient for you to register at one of the agency, which mediate the students work. Usually you pay a symbolic (20 CZK) entry fee, sign a contract and the work you choose from the menu depending on when (and if) you fit. Unskilled work is currently ranked 70 CZK / hour. above.

** Entertainment, Culture ** Hard to say what a wide range of cultural capital to highlight – everyone has to find himself, what he likes. It would be a shame to student life in this direction not enjoy. Certainly worth a walk at least part of history, but there are also bars, clubs, pubs, cinemas, galleries, … Prices for entertainment may be somewhat higher than what you're used to, especially in terms of food and drink. Not infrequently, however, golden brew is the cheapest to buy the restaurant equipment that is closest to the school.

Readers will appreciate the services of the municipal library, which has branches all over Prague and a very reasonable fee readership. Registration allows you to make use of all automated branches.

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