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Oral interview: body language Added:29.6. 2008
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Oral interview: body language

Are you waiting for entrance exams or oral exam? Applying for a job? Then know that much about your personality tells not only what you know and know how, but also how to behave during the interview.

It is almost amazing what you can say everything without having to speak. Just their actions to let him know if you're not nervous or overly lax contrast, self-confident or scared. It's your facial expressions and gestures, which people around you will notice even if they are not in the field of interpersonal communication no experience – let alone those who are versed in it. Among these are mostly just as well as your trainers.

** ** The first impression Probably everyone knows how important a role the interview plays a first impression. So it is important at the outset – even the very entrance to the room – to show your confidence and commitment (although there is true: everything in moderation). It is certain that sometimes it can mean almost his performance, because each is tied in a similar situation nervousness. To do this, how to effectively bypass, you can use three basic rules: breathe deeply, smile (note the „spasm“), and especially not to forget the hard handshake during the introductions (to hide the tremor at the same time).

** During interview ** The impression of confidence and induce and head straight back – to feel no remorse and use the entire area including the chair backrest. People huddled on the edge of the chair will always look uneasy and frightened, despite the fact that a similar pose is very uncomfortable and good performance is not very helpful.

** Eyes ** The most basic element of interpersonal communication is of course eye contact. Therefore it is necessary to keep in mind you my „opponent“ looked into his eyes and not followed instead of just a chandelier and decoration of the room. Occasional look „outside“ but certainly does not hurt – after all you are losing or flirt, or attend hypnotizérský course.

** Hands ** Another important part of the nonverbal part of the interview are also hand movements. They may occasionally be a bit tricky – it often is during a call realize. You can be so easily „overlooked“ that you're playing nervously with a pencil, paper žmouláte, pull up your sleeves, rubs his head, his palms or Mnet – and perhaps in the worst case – plundered fingers. Forget all this. Fold your hands in your lap, the restraint chair or a table, or help with a pencil, but they only hold. Sometimes gently spread open the palms toward the trainers – outline the security and friendliness. Hands contrary, no cross, has a defensive feel. Rubbing your nose or eyes turn may indicate that he was making that up, although this is in fact not be. Similar rules apply, of course, for the legs – what effect it may have your rhythm kicking the table legs or shuffling across the floor or perhaps needless to describe.

** Head ** As we all know, the head sits on the spine, and as such is relatively flexible in its movement. And it can be efficiently used during the interview in your favor – soft pokývání easily evoke an impression of your participation and attention (signal consent), while mild (!) Shake his head indicates that the topic you have nothing to say or that you disagree with something. At the same time thus eliminating the risk that their trainers jump into speech.

Enumerate all the elements of gestures and facial expressions, which „speaks“ to you, would surrender the entire publication. The essence of all but the appropriate level: do not overdo anything or vice versa only hint. Try the discrete nature of the limits, be helpful, open, try to act professionally and friendly at the same time. And most importantly, remember that body language is the same as your verbal language.

Note: Article was 20 3rd 2011 to date. (KAV)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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