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Summer language courses abroad Added:27.6. 2008
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Summer language courses abroad

It is well known that foreign language you exercise your best in the country where it is spoken. Learning the current situation, you can effectively connect with professionally-led course aimed precisely at the area you need „sharpening“. Additionally, you can choose from languages ​​other than „classic“ English or German …

** What is **

Summer language courses are trying their clients (the minimum age is usually 16 years) mainly offer intensive tuition (up to 30 hours per week), foreign language, to which the children during the school year is hard to take time. With accommodation with other students or host families, and need daily communication is also provided sufficient motivation to study.

** From what I can choose **

Language courses do not just English (Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Malta) and German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), also commonly leaves the Spanish, Italian and French (France, Canada). Still popular is also Russian and Portuguese, as well as growing interest in „exotic“ languages ​​such as Ukrainian, Japanese, Nordic languages.

Most courses are focused on the common language – the teachers will try to help you get oriented, not only in grammar and everyday conversation, but you can also expect to writing, reading, listening and vocabulary development, most fun and active way. These courses are held throughout the year. Ambitious individuals can choose courses leading to internationally recognized exams, but should not expect a higher intensity and tempo, but also the price. Some schools also offer training courses to help you with vocabulary particularly well in the area where you need it (science, commerce, tourism). Languages ​​are usually taught in groups, some schools also offer individual tuition.

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Nowadays, you can choose from a myriad of foreign language courses offered by agencies, but also can search on their own. Many universities and language schools offer their own courses (eg „Erasmusplus“: or „Summer School of Ukrainian“:, but it is a significant disadvantage, that accommodation and transportation, you get yourself in trouble if you do not have the right to whom to turn. While the agency charged enormous fees for mediation, but will advise you of any visa handling and insurance.

** How much does it cost **

Unfortunately it is not exactly cheap. In one week course will pay around seven thousand crowns (lowest intensity), but the price usually does not include accommodation, meals, transportation to / from the airport and other costs. The good news is that some courses can be combined with other programs (eg, unpaid internships, au pair or working on the farm) that will at least partially cover living expenses and accommodation. Some agencies will also offer courses in installments and discounts for students under 26. Anyway, you can suggest a suitable course for a successful graduation gift.

** For more **

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