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Graduation of the teacher Added:1.7. 2008
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Graduation of the teacher

How many hours spent in the Czech school teacher during the Baccalaureate? What errors are most often perpetrated by students in essay? It is preferable to graduate first or second week of graduation? How to fight stress? What will the new state graduation? Answers to questions and many more attractions can be found in the following interview

Ensuring graduation class, preparing materials, repair work styles, meanwhile teaching – graduated a burden not only for students but also teachers. They must be constantly on guard, always positive attitude. About how does a normal day, leaving teachers of Czech language and literature, and many other interesting information concerning students and new state graduation examination, please refer to the following interview with Mgr. Eliska Slovíkovou.

** Leaving Examination in the Czech language and literature, students begin writing the essay. How many of them have this repaired and what constituted the biggest problem for students? ** Styles of work I have repaired this year, quite a lot – I graduated two classes so that about sixty. Compared to previous years appeared relatively large number of grammatical errors. The stumbling block was the styling, the ability to properly express and articulate the idea. The styles of work shows the overall level of the student. Mostly, however, confirm what the student after four years of teacher knows. Seldom happens that a student has written an excellent excellent work and vice versa.

** The final exam can not do without proper preparation, both by pupils and by teachers. How is "Holy Week Teachers'? ** Teachers must create a background for the entire school-leaving exam. It is necessary to prepare class materials and documents that are needed for regular course of graduation.

** During the graduation test provided us with examples of literary texts. I worked with them very well – but how long it takes their treatment? ** I am not able to tell any specific time, this is systematic work. One year, they created texts, two years later found that some of them do not and replaced with new ones. The process of creation and the continuous dwindling. Students change, I change and keep on working with new people.

** How many hours teachers spend in the Baccalaureate? ** It depends on who they are. Vice-President, Czech language teacher and a majority of seven morning and seven in the evening.

** Teaching during final exams? ** The class teacher and vice-taught, others say trying to learn to associate and then runs into a second class for their final exams. Each examiner must be present at the closing session.

** The seniors after fifteen minutes of testing time and the rest after the final communication of the results can be deleted from the charge of the head. Teachers tested but also – how long it takes each block? ** Graduation block lasts an hour. When there is more – for example, I graduated in a class of second-class contractors are already subject and I had run across, but it happens rarely.

** Students will argue whether it is preferable to take the final exam the first or graduation until the next week – on which option you opted for? ** When maturing two weeks – I'd opt for that first, if it was the same teacher. In the event that the other teachers, the order does not matter. During graduation week, reflected the degree of fatigue and the investigator must give the same performance – it is worth more effort must also be a positive mood. If I was a student, I would like to graduate the first week, the first day – alone on the first day I graduated as a second.

** Division students. ** Prevailing students know and are familiar with. I hear them use their phrases, their words – I admire how they have learned so much knowledge. In addition, students who have an overview and know. I say „we'll talk“ – it can take, and draw inferences. The last type are those who say „it turns out somehow.“

** Psyche student plays an essential role in testing – it happened that a student leaving the room did not come? ** We walked into the classroom with tears – students run out of the room, pull out the question and it begins – but most of these students odmaturují. It depends on investigator, how can the student encouraged to distract him from the stress. Those who can not – most do not care.

** The methods to help anxiety. ** Best I can not say – but my colleague applause everyone. Mostly we make fun of one another.

** Students are different, or beads from the Baccalaureate ** I look at the wristband – a student is not going, just sits and listens. Mostly, however, are the ones who are in the picture and know. The situation that we all somehow laugh a lot. How many beads and slip happened – I've had a full written paper. The whole atmosphere is then released – it's good, because it is possible to continue the friendly atmosphere.

** Some students do not forget the teacher's comments about their habits – for example, talk with gum in your mouth … ** It was absolutely perfect. I thought I knew him for four years, destroy – the student got up and went to middle school-leaving examination spit gum – for years I told him that he does not want. It felt funny.

** Some of the questions were like magic – how you feel about the tenth time inlaid with substance? ** It's horrible. Previously, when a question was driven three times, is being postponed. Now the rule is different – what was the morning can be in the afternoon, but the following day, pulling back from all issues. The question of Classicism, Enlightenment and artists against the war, I heard a hundred times.

** Students are waiting in the next few years, a change – the state graduation – what will change for you? ** Grammar I was always taught – I teach her more. I think more focus on short essay tasks, adjusting the text incorrectly processed, the ability to formulate the idea. I think that here is a weakness. Once they placed more emphasis on understanding the artistic text. Found, however, that students have more practical problem with the text – I appreciate it – edit the way of teaching. The entire state graduation leads to cramming, but to enable students to understand and led to better work with text.

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