Competition: Young Economist of the Year and Karel Englis Added:1.7. 2008
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Competition: Young Economist of the Year and Karel Englis

Czech Economic Society (CES) invites you to attend the 15th Contest Young Economist of the Year and Karel Englis.

Competition is open to Czech citizens or full-time students of universities in the Czech Republic (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies) in 30 years. Each participant is permitted to submit only one paper of 30 pages (up to 54 thousand. Characters including spaces). For inclusion in the competition must complete an application form, which can together with the status of competition found on the „“:

Reward for first place in the Young Economist of the year is CZK 20,000 for second place CZK 10,000 and CZK 5,000 for the third. The best work of political-economic focus of the Award of Karel Englis associated with reward in the amount of CZK 5,000. Honorable mentions may also be awarded the work of author and 25 years of age.

Any questions happy to answer any guarantor of competition: Lubos Komarek, president of CSE and Tomas Sedlacek, a member of the Executive Committee of the CES (lubos.komarek @ or

The deadline for sending works: 15 October 2008


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