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Summer job: Feeding pigs in Switzerland Added:8.7. 2008
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Summer job: Feeding pigs in Switzerland

Last year I told myself that it's time to try something completely new and also wanted to improve my German. So the idea was to go to work in the summer on a farm in Switzerland. What was it?

** How I came to this brigade? ** Switzerland has relatively strict rules on immigration and work permits for people from the east, guarding carefully. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get to work on legally own. I chose one agency KT student service from the Czech Cieszyn. Their six-week offer to work on farms, I accidentally found on the Internet, whether it is there, we checked with their partner organization in Switzerland Landdienst. Last year was a charge of 10 000 CZK.

** As it was the employer? ** I worked for a farm family, which dealt mainly in potato breeding and raising pigs. I lived with them on a farm, near and far nothing, so in this respect, it was for me quite new. I worked about 8 hours a day, a Saturday afternoon and Sunday I was free.

** What was the job description? ** My job was mainly to help harvest potatoes – kick them out of lines, the sort of machine harvesting, separating them from rocks and clay, etc. For that I helped with cleaning, gardening, cooking and other small household chores. I must say that I never felt like a maid – the farmer's family to me was very friendly, I even take along a trip every week. We are still in contact.

** What it gave me? ** In addition to significantly improving my German for me to work on the farm was particularly fascinating experience, I met a totally different lifestyle than what I used to. Relax. Silence. Morning awakening. Always fresh food. Nature.

** Cost vs.. profit ** Last year the agency fee of 10,000 CZK and include mainly transportation and insurance. The Agency guaranteed minimum earnings are 950 francs (then about Frank was one. CZK 17), which also complied with. The real gains in our group a lot different, most have a colleague in 1500 brought the Franks, the ultimate reward is depended on the employer. I earn about 1,450 francs. After deduction of agency fees thus not so much money left. Personally for me but it was an excellent experience and „courses“ simultaneously.

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