Branch Master of Public Administration in the new CR Added:6.7. 2008
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Branch Master of Public Administration in the new CR

The study of this area offers completely new opportunities for growth in the qualifying managers and employees in public administration – the opportunity to acquire internationally recognized training (but in Czech), diploma and degree exposed partner Nottingham Trent University …

Faculty of Masaryk University, won first in the Czech Republic accreditation at postgraduate study program of MPA (Master of Public Administration). Study program is provided in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University in Great Britain.

MPA program is intended for managers in public administration and those who aspire to leadership positions, as well as members of municipal and local governments, managers in other public sector organizations (NGOs, universities, hospitals, cultural institutions, police, army, etc. .) as well as lawyers acting in the public administration. New menu postgraduate education programs an MBA equivalent standard for public administration.

The program focuses on developing knowledge and skills necessary for professional and functions in public administration, ie the development of management and legal responsibilities. The study covers a topic of public law and EU law, administrative law and administrative justice institutions, strategic management, project and risk in public administration, economics, economic policy and more.

Study of excellence built on expertise and experience of lecturers team, personal approach and individual attention for each participant. The content is practically orientated studies to support the immediate transfer of acquired knowledge and skills into practice participants. The study program is divided into two years, and is provided in the form of a distance.

Studies conducted in the Czech language in the premises of the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, to ensure teaching is also involved in Social Studies and Faculty of Economics and Administration. The students are currently registered students of Nottingham Trent University.

By gaining accreditation Masaryk University expanded the already existing forms of cooperation with the British university. In 2005 opened the Faculty of Law in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University graduate school specializing in business law, whose graduates receive an internationally acclaimed LL.M. (Master of Laws).

Those interested in this field you can apply to 15 August.

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