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I am a student. Pardubice student Added:14.7. 2008
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I am a student. Pardubice student

Although Pardubice has just over 90 000 inhabitants, all this does not mean that the local students do not have much to offer. See for yourself …

** Transport ** Pardubice is situated at the traffic junction of East Bohemia, and so here is how well you train and bus. On the territory of the city itself you can use the public transport network, which only provide trolleys and buses. If you ride them often, then it is definitely good to get a chip Pardubice card that you can recharge your „credit“ as needed. Traveling with it is cheaper than with conventional paper tickets (for more information about the card visit 'transport company of Pardubice „:…, fares then“ here ":…). To purchase cards as you type 130 or 170 crowns.

** Colleges ** For the upcoming freshmen at the University of Pardubice dormitory reserved a total of 500 beds, while those interested in accommodation must no later than 17 8th 2008 submit an electronic request for the allocation of beds (through a study of the „Stage“: Lists of guests and neubytovaných students will be published two days after the deadline. Detailed information about accommodation in university halls of residence can be found „here“:…e-infoprvni/ and „here“: http://www. / applicants / guide-Applicants / Applicants-koleje.html. Another option is to rent an apartment, of course, a two-room apartment in Pardubice pay approximately eight thousand.

** Meals ** The University also offers a cafeteria that is open on weekdays from 11 am until late afternoon. You can choose from four meals (price varies 21 to 29 CZK), or you can have in the sales of canteen buy food the minute (costs 38 CZK), desserts, cold food products, etc. (see the „price“: http:// / others-formations / ou-skm / College-Canteen / Canteen-doplnkovysorti­ment.html) Outside the cafeteria in various parts of Pardubice are other, smaller dining rooms, cafeterias and canteens (eg transport faculty), directly in the foyer of Hall B tracks you will find a snack bar and general store in one. Detailed information about eating in cafeterias can be found „on this site“:…tudenti.html.

** Libraries ** The University operates one of „a library“: in the headquarters (Student 519) and one branch in the square Cs. legions. For students, registration is free. On the territory of Pardubice, but still find „Pardubice Regional Library“: (annual registration comes out to 120 dollars), which can be used as in the university library, Internet access, or have specialized library " Museum of the East ":….

** Entertainment ** Pardubice offer a total of four permanent theater, the same number of galleries, two museums and two movies, then here are popular music clubs such as Yellow Submarine or a dog, and many other cultural facilities. The local university then very active in the „Art Ensemble of University of Pardubice“:, which has a nearly sixty-year tradition and is known for its variety of genres. Its members are mostly undergraduates Pardubice and certainly many of his love extend to new sboristy. But in order to study not only enjoyed the beauty of the city but also surrounding the Elbe lowlands, strongly recommend that you bring to Pardubice round. There are many paths and interesting historical and natural sites. The most important event of the year is undoubtedly the Grand Festival of Laughter, One World Film Festival, Festival of Gingerbread, Pernštýnská night, European Jazz Festival Dance, Harvest Pardubice, Pardubice Great and many others.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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