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I am a student. Pilsner student. Added:20.7. 2008
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I am a student. Pilsner student.

Maybe you learned that your host city will be a few more years just Pilsen. And surely you are now a lot of questions that you do not sleep. How to get started to deal with the system of studies, urban transport, accommodation, where to eat, how you earn and where it finally all drink, it will outline the next article!

Study on UWB ** ** West University (hereinafter UWB) in Pilsen has, like other colleges in the Republic of so-called „credit system“. This means that each object is assigned a certain number of points (credits) and at the end of study you reach the desired level. In the beginning you will sound chaotic, but certainly soon to navigate. Entry into the semester, write the tests and other administrative tasks are made to calendar only via the Internet. Do not worry, no problem with capacity. Note that before the first year, you must arrange for the card ** JIS ** (that you've certainly read the accompanying letter from the university) which will entitle you to various applications on the UWB (access to buildings, printing and copying, lending books, food in the canteen). When you arrange the Pilsen card (see below), you will have the ISIC card (international student identity card recognized with a number of discounts).

** Transport ** Pilsen card („revolving door“) is for students 200 CZK per month. There is no need to walk with her every month to the windows, just use self-service machines that are around Pilsen, Pilsen and charge your card directly from a credit card without unnecessary queues. Then you can get free ride by tram, bus or trolley, of course, night traffic (which, however, runs only once an hour). Beware the date of your card, auditors in Pilsen quite fine and is 600 CZK. But if you own Pilsen card charged, and only you have forgotten at home, just 5 days to pay a fee of CZK 40. Pilsen is relatively well accessible city. Quickly get a direct train from the Czech Budejovice, Brno and Ostrava even, Student Agency bus trip takes only an hour from Prague.

** Meals ** UWB is not just the largest Czech university and one of only three below the canteen. Picking you up but mostly out of ten meals between 20 and 35 CZK, or. enjoy a minute (a selection of about eleven species), you get about 50 CZK. Meals are tasty and mostly inexpensive. You can also use one of many fast-food restaurants.

** Accommodation ** Living in Pilsen is a bit of a problem. Colleges have a lot of limited capacity and most students are not even satisfied with their quality. The price ranges between 2000 and 2500 CZK. If you take the housing to the private club, get ready for hunting are often complicated and most start on time!

** Working ** If you want a studio in Pilsen in a little extra money, the best probably is to sign up for one of the many agencies organizing brigades. But be prepared for the types of work, such as replenishment, cash, inventory, or help at work „for the passport.“

** Culture and Entertainment ** After all, arranging and making sure you feel like at some diversification. Example, you can go to the theater (for students 100 CZK per performance) or to the cinema (99 to 139 CZK). Pilsen is truly a student city, the lack of clubs, cafes, tearooms, and other companies will surely not complain. Among college students are among the most popular clubs as well, ear or Peony (they are near the tracks).

** See also: ** „City of Pilsen.“: Http://

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