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Holidays "a few minutes before the deadline," Added:30.7. 2008
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Holidays "a few minutes before the deadline,"

The university graduates circulating that they are excellent theorists, but have no experience. FAMO turn with this and avoid further in newsrooms looked for someone who has a biography graduate journalism "and with dread in his eyes, trying at the Department of Journalism in Glasgow. Those who have as their future specialty choice practical journalism, must undergo a compulsory three-month placements in selected media. More in an interview with a student Zuzana N. FSS that this practice has seen the first.

** When did you practice in what year was it? **

The practice I attended a holiday after completing the second year of journalism, as in the second field study (Czech Language and Literature), I can hardly cope with during the semester. We had a choice whether we want to do practice in the summer or autumn. The faculty is a three-month mandatory practice devised as a novelty, which were applied to our year as a pioneer, and the years that followed us. Because I wanted to go in the next year to státnicím and practice to be necessary, I had no choice but to place the summer and the rest paid brigades journalism.

** Where you work and how you got to this place? **

The condition was that we worked in a newspaper, so I found a place in local offices near the home of the Diary, I did not have many miles to travel. In addition, your region quite well known, so I reckoned that no such problem getting some of the contacts and know about what is happening around them. Editor in chief had nothing against it, we agreed on a flat day for work. We even agree that my one week vacation leave off.

** What are you doing in practice? **

As a newbie I obviously matured unpopular poll. One quick otrkal least with regard to communication with people all the time when someone ran a sound recorder in hand. My colleague took me along to a few reports where I picked up very quickly what and how. Then I got vested in the whole article. Since everyone in the newsroom he functions as much as possible in one person, we had to be ourselves and photographer. Initially I struggled a lot with my camera, decent photo I managed to try a few times, but I have improved over time even this. I started offering its own subjects to write about. Since there was just off season, it was not with opportunities to write about, not hot. Přetřásala subjects which have been associated with summer, sun, swimming and so on. And because I study Czech language proofreader and went on vacation, I assumed the time and this function. It was not enough to roll my eyes to how much can handle hrubek in one article to do a „printed by“ journalist.

** How to you as an „amateur“ is approached in the newsroom? **

The editor I met friendly approach, colleagues initially helped me with contacts, but I occasionally met by an older fellow with reluctance. I was pleased that I did not stay with the low-level surveys and articles, but I could write as well as extensive services of higher degrees of importance. And who would not like to see your name on the front page …

** Can you describe your worst … and the best experience of three months in the diary? **

The worst experience was that I needed to write an article and people that I needed a quote, I could not find. Eventually I managed to write, but at the last minute. I also managed to practice during the opener pretty funny: In one of the city dug up the new sidewalks on the square because they believed that they remained below the tank for the old pump out there in the fifties canceled. Documentation of that time were either lost or simply did not exist, so no one was sure if the tank in the country really are. I managed to find a man who remembered how after the dissolution tank pumps in the country picked up the heavy equipment. Not surprisingly, therefore, workers rozkutávali walks inch by inch as miners and found nothing …

** And finally – to help you practice something, it was a good experience? **

With practice I found that some of the principles and rules that are imparted at the school, in practice not used at all or is it with them a little differently. One must learn to work under stress and time pressure, because the number of times to obtain important information a few minutes before the deadline, but the article simply must catch write. I worked with daily for several months after the end of practice as a day girl, by the way it allowed me to school.

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