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I am a student. Budweiser student. Added:23.7. 2008
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I am a student. Budweiser student.

Peek at you from the cover with the decision on the adoption of the South Bohemian University head? Then you will surely wonder how student life in the Czech Budejovice looks. GEORG I interviewed, who is studying there for two years, and I found it interesting from the tips.

** Accommodation ** In college in the student pays Czech Budejovice 1900 – 2 100 CZK per month. The Internet (100Mbps) to pay extra money to approximately 180 CZK. Would have liked you more in the private housing? In the outer parts of the city can no longer find housing at a price of around 1 500 CZK per person, in the center pay about 3000 CZK per person (assuming that you will be in the flat four to six).

** Meals ** The city has three canteen – the main track, in the center of the Faculty of Theology Faculty of Social and Health. Lunch here is 17 to 25 CZK, 35 CZK timer, baguettes CZK 12 –17.

** Transport ** In the Czech Budejovice trolley rides, and at night you can find the timetable at least one hour. Student ticket for three months, for 400 CZK, a single ticket costs CZK 12. The penalty from the auditor can pay 600 CZK.

** ** Brigades There is a relatively low unemployment. An hour later, the brigade will earn an average of 50–80 CZK / hour. But it can succeed even more.

** Entertainment ** The town has plenty of cultural activities. Come into their own supporters theater, movies and athletes. Many events organized by the students themselves. There are clubs and the occasional music festival. Hint: Pub Under the tower (you can find it in the center near the Black Tower), Pardál for 15 CZK.

** ** Extra Tips For future students of George gave me these interesting tips: Best přibližovadlo the bike (sitting calmly any older, and especially proper chain – there are a lot of steals). Bicycle paths are everywhere. Budvar 12 ° is a nice headache, the drink everywhere Budejovice Budvar 10 °. There are numerous great places to swim.

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