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I am a student. Hradecky student Added:26.7. 2008
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I am a student. Hradecky student

Are you planning a vacation the first academic year in Hradec Kralove? We have prepared an overview of basic information before you study in this university town will be useful.

** Accommodation ** University of Hradec Králové offers accommodation in two colleges campuses (Palach around and around Vitus Nejedlý). Dormitory in the boiler falls below the Charles University. After living in dormitories pay from 1600 to approximately CZK 2 600 CZK (price depends on the track, the number of people in the room and demand the internet). For more information, see „here“:…e/koleje/204, or contact the e-mail After living in privat pay from 1 600 CZK for about six people in the apartment, it also depends on luck in hunting. Attention! University of Hradec Kralove accommodation scholarship grants to students, but admits it is among others based on the minimum dojezdovosti minute. The amount depends on the decision of the Academic Senate, for example, for the winter semester and. year 2007/2008, but were dojezdovost 90 minutes.

** Meals ** Students UHK can eat either in the school cafeteria Hradecká street or in the canteen UK on the boiler. Vlastní Dining Services University of Hradec Králové not. Price lunch is from 26 CZK.

** Transport ** It is possible that after Hradec you move only on foot. Otherwise, you single ticket will cost 14 CZK (price for the basic paper ticket), three student time fare for Hradec Kralove you come to CZK 500. For more information on pricing, see „here“:…rif-2008.pdf.

** Working ** If you would like to study and earn something, surely you can get work. You can earn on average 55 to 85 CZK / hour, but if you are clever and you'll be lucky to find, it may be even more reputation.

** Entertainment, Culture ** Hradec Kralove certainly those seeking cultural activities will satisfy. Held here various festivals (in the musical fun for fans of different genres, is a very attractive city for jazz lovers), you can visit theaters, cinemas and galleries. Distraction also offers a number of pubs and clubs. Interesting (not) cultural tips can be found on „this site“:…default.html.

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