Less money? More foreign students! Added:21.11. 2003
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Less money? More foreign students!

In this way, the recruitment of more foreign students – paying students, the academic community intends to carry out „revenge“ against the planned reduction in money for college.

In this way, the recruitment of more foreign students – paying students intends to make the academic community „retaliation“ plan­ned to reduce money for college.

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As you have already informed our server these days is to reduce the budget for universities. But they now receive the money. Academics and lost patience. Trade unionists, professors, all of the outrage. Future students have no choice but to fear for them in college instead of left.

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Effective retaliation academics see the admission of foreign students. They could apply and your studio with us to bring the coveted funds that schools receive, but need.  So far, this proposal is rather a nightmare situation that the Czech universities studied only foreigners threatened. Legally it is not possible. The information campaign abroad have also began to rise.

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Demand is said to be the most among young people from the east. Not everyone can afford to pay tuition, which makes us a year to eight thousand dollars. In some countries such as China, India and Vietnam are on government scholarships that would cover these costs. The Faculty of Applied Sciences University of West of this area goes around two hundred students.

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<SPAN style=„FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-FAMILY: " Times mso-fareast-font-family: ?Times New Roman?; mso-ansi-language: mso-fareast-language: CS; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA?>“Of course we want the Czech students. But the government forces us to ever more radical steps, "said Council President Frank Jezek universities. 

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