A new study at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine: Dental hygienistika Added:24.7. 2008
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A new study at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine: Dental hygienistika

Third Faculty of Medicine opens for the next academic year, a new field of study Dental hygienistika. It is a bachelor's degree in full form, the standard length of study 3 years.

Graduates are able to perform professional and special activities in oral hygiene, dental and periodontal prevention and the basics of Dentistry in collaboration with a professional dentist and general nurse.

The entrance examination will be held on 2 9th 2008th It is organized as a single-round and includes written tests in biology and chemistry. For each subject 30 questions, a total of 60 questions. Of the four possible answers is only one correct answer. Topics requirements for entrance exam in biology and chemistry together with recommended literature is available on the website of the faculty, eventually. the Study Department. Expected number of accepted applicants is 20

Application form should be sent to the Study Division at the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague 31 7th 2008th

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