New courses at Charles University: Application to 31 7th! Added:24.7. 2008
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New courses at Charles University: Application to 31 7th!

This year opens the Charles University in Prague, these newly accredited disciplines: Master's two-year program of study ** Japanese ** and ** three-year bachelor's degree German Language and Literature **.

The condition for admission to master's degree Japanese Studies is an essay about six pages in Japanese on a given topic using the vocabulary and defense motivation for further study (in Japanese language).

The entrance examination to study the German language and literature has three parts: an essay in NJ on motivation to study, test of grammar and lexical knowledge test general knowledge of the German language region.

Applications may be submitted to the 31st ** 7th 2008 **. Entrance examinations will be conducted in terms of first – 5 9th 2008th

„For more detailed information.“: Http://www.ff­­dium/prijimac­ky2008/prz2008–2009.pdf „Information about the admission procedure.“: Http://prijimac­ „Electronic application.“: Https://­­gin.php?do=prij­riz

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