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Oral Interview: How to stage fright Added:6.8. 2008
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Oral Interview: How to stage fright

The so-called. stage fright is often one of the most insidious barriers to successfully manage the test and interview – mainly because a man behaves differently under stress than under normal circumstances and that their behavior can hardly be predicted. The following article will help you to cope, both with three successful at what turn.

Tremor of the body, stuttering, intestinal problems, inability to speak, excessive sweating, or „window“ – these are the most common effects of stage fright, which is probably a black nightmare of every student, which awaits a more important test. Anyone experiencing a similar situation in real life rarely, the other struggling with them almost every time. But how do we prevent this?

Before the interview === === The basic rule is: Banish negative thoughts. Although this advice may sound trite to, you know that the constant suggestion that something will fail, that ztrapníte that surely it will have three and that examiners will be looking ďábelskýma eyes with intent to strangle you, you to rest too does not add – on the contrary, all this only helps to actually land on the stage fright. Top images they'll chase away the pleasant memories of everything from successfully passed an examination in the past to be a pleasant vacation. It's also good to remember that about a test or interview is after all the world does not rotate, and that is definitely still in the future, another possibility arises. If you wait for an interview with some other people try to dispel the conversation with them, preferably on a completely different theme than approaching the moment.

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During the actual test and interview will focus particularly on, you make the best impression – not only for examiners but also to yourself that you are happy with themselves. Watch out if you talk loud enough, breathe deeply, if your statements make sense if you look at all the examiners do not do so nervous acts, and the entire interview Think more like a collegial discussion (of course, still at the formal level!). All these and similar ideas will ultimately help to mentally detach themselves from the fact that you tried.

Simple Meditation === === The most common advice of professionals, both in the decisive moments of stage fright at least alleviate, is meditation. The meditation technique is to find the inner peace and serenity. Among the most basic but also most effective methods of meditation, one's own perception of the rhythm of the breath, the best results, close your eyes at this.

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Another good, seemingly contradictory training method is the deliberate search for stressful situations. Start first by those recovering with less fear, and gradually Play the even the most demanding (this technique, however, do not repeat too often). Soon you will know that what once was for you not insurmountable, is now becoming almost routine.

Herbs such as === === grateful assistant Finally a few tips from the restaurant: all experienced speakers would certainly recommend you to calm such as valerian, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary and chamomile.

Note: Article was 20 3rd Updated in 2011. (KAV)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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