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I am a student. Opava student Added:9.8. 2008
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I am a student. Opava student

Step by step, first-year fixed with a little smile on his face. The following article will advise you how to do it.

** Accommodation ** Silesian University students can be accommodated in the school dormitory. It offers them yet in the center of the crown of the head to the hotel, but also a peaceful border in the Opava Palhanec. Those who prefer to close the school, they can find accommodations in Hradec street, which is located near the Institute of Public Administration and Regional Policy. Fees for one bed rails on the Opava is around two thousand crowns a month. For more information on the Accommodation and Catering Services, click ‚here‘:…eje-a-menzy/.

** Meals ** Candidates can use four dining eateries near the city center. They issued diners at lunch during the week, from Monday to Sunday. Cheapest lunch will Vesna students in the twenty-three crowns, while in the Crown Hotel, eight crowns pay extra. Those entering the first grade, will automatically eat in the hotel Crown. You may thirty one crown to order the dinner.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2334/slez­ska1.jpg]

** Transport ** Bus and trolley-buses for the city's core. It is therefore, to arrange things after arriving in Opava own smart card. Here you can get made in advance „of the Municipal Transport Company Opava“: on the Upper Square. Card Activation price is one hundred and fifteen crowns. Monthly fee for undergraduates will come to one hundred sixty-five crowns. Another option is to use their own means of transport such as bicycles, roller skates or their own feet. The students themselves say: „The Opava is close to everywhere.“

** ** Brigade Opava in the population occurs quite a lot of supermarkets. So the easiest way to find summer job in these places.

** Student activities ** Silesian University Student Theatre „Square Osvoboditelů No. 15“ or „leveling“ effect on the soil of the Silesian University almost four years. It is not however the only extracurricular activity Silesian students. Supporters of poetry and prose small contribution to his work Almanac Artemisia. "Organizations Student:, which publishes an almanac, organized annually by the addition of Opava Rag, university balls, and other interesting events. Also worth mentioning is the university sports club for people interested in preparing a safe school inline skating or traditional blade oplajn nights, night driving or Opava.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2334/o­pava1.jpg]

** Entertainment ** Sitting with friends at an outdoor pub, listening to popular music band in the club or would you rather prefer to dance the twinkling colored lights? Whether you decide to do, opportunities to participate in the above actions will be during the study will have many. For an overview of ‚here‘:…pavske-kluby bring at least some of them.

** Culture and Sport ** Are you in September saw Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, and the musical My Fair Lady? Then come to the area of ​​the Silesian Theatre. Unusual scene or the game will offer foreign students turn Opava puppet theater. Supporters of cultures may also participate in multi-genre festival more banks or Ibsen Opava. This festival, named Vladimir Vasek born in Opava, one of the oldest cultural festivals in the Czech Republic. Sporty nature of the zabruslí the ice rink and swim in the indoor pool. During the nice weather, students can use the public swimming pool and mini golf in the Municipal Park, or ride the bike trail to nearby Hradec nad Moravici, which is awarded by a jury Hradec castle and park.

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