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"Not taken / and" Added:4.8. 2008
Updated:6.6. 2011
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"Not taken / and"

So there you have it. Did you enter all your forces in preparation for entrance exams, in my head are plotted to spend another fabulous summer of student life, are looking forward to new friends … and then we came a curt „not adopted / and“. The following article will, however, confirm that it still is not a tragedy – the possibility, what then is still pretty.

Note: Article was the 6th 6th Updated in 2011. (KAV)

Capacities Czech universities are not unlimited, and so every year you have several thousand students, who unfortunately remain outside the gates. If you are among them, know that before you open several ways through which you can also take – from those worth almost nothing to the most expensive.

** Cancellation ** The cheapest option, which also offers the first is the appeal. This solution, however, has meaning only if you end up just a few places, so to say „footnote“ or if you find some error in the assessment test. If you decide to lodge an appeal, do not forget to send it on time! Usually this period is set to 30 days of receipt of notification of your acceptance. How to write an appeal as best you can find „here“:…em/index.php?…. Definitely, we do not forget to watch the second round of recruitment, which held so many faculty to meet capacity. Applications should be made more often during July, August or September, when it also held the entrance exam.

** Post-secondary education ** If you fail to appeal, or if you have not sent at all, there is a possibility of paid study:

  • ** ** High school: a school is established by a municipality, county or state, it is one of the cheaper forms of paid study, moreover, get on the right after graduation, will remain with all the benefits of student status, and after graduation DiS earn college degree
  • ** ** Private high school: this is a little bit more expensive option of study, the advantage is, however, maintain student status and that following its successful completion, click „regular“ college degree
  • ** ** Postsecondary learning: the annual rate to the basic range is usually 20 hours per week; addition, you can gain a second language, or other object, at most schools do not lose student status during the study
  • ** „Year zero“ ** as part of the so-called lifelong learning: its completion, while you increase your chances of being recruited to the faculty next academic year, but they also lose your student status, completing preliminary year will get only a certificate of completion of the course for lifelong learning
  • ** ** Vocational Education: focuses mainly on training of job seekers, not studying at college, the members have the student status

Internship ** ** More interesting, though also (mostly) paid options to fill the remaining year of the entrance to the next or how to liven up the experience and resume, the fellowship. You can attend both at home and abroad, which is all the more attractive option, what can there oprášíte or improve your language skills. Work and study placements offered by many commercial and non-profit organizations, and so is certainly plenty to choose from.

** Working ** Probably the least desirable way to which the right after high school, give them the access to employment. But even this may not be as bad as it first seems: because you can spin off work, make money and ultimately gain the necessary experience to you – clipped onto a field in which you want to study – it may help others in the entrance . In addition, you can only work part-time jobs and connect with any of the above options proposed post-secondary education.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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