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Interview with graduate MatFyzu: Do you want to persevere, or not? Added:11.8. 2008
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Interview with graduate MatFyzu: Do you want to persevere, or not?

Are you interested in mathematics and physics, but are unsure of a future application? Wondering whether you can do MatFyzu study? Do you have a head full of questions? Some of them can help you to answer our interview RNDr. Miroslav Belan, Ph.D. (34), a graduate of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague.

** When you look back, you can tell what you took from the study, apart from knowledge? **

When matfyzák leave his alma mater, can count on one thing: that during the study nezakrněl in their logical and analytical skills and can thus choose any subject appropriate to their abilities (eg IT, finance, consulting).

** Do you think MatFyz is a school for everyone, or should have some prerequisites? **

Graduating MatFyz not so much a question of ability and IQ. I know several far smarter colleagues who nedostudovali. Study of high school is all about the decision to persevere and make it to the final test. But what decides whether matfyzáček endures, zběhne elsewhere or simply give up? I must confess that even after ten years at MatFyzu not know the answer. Therefore, dear reader, if you are matfyzák future, the only proper question is: Do you want to persevere, or not?

** It is true that Einstein failed math? **

No, no and no. If you insist on this myth, read „link.“: Http://www.ab­­ce/k2/moments/s1115185­.htm

** You studied theoretical physics, we can expect some – most profitable – direct application in this field? **

Of course yes. Firstly, it is necessary to travel during their studies and make contacts. Second, choose what is currently in vogue. Third, leave as a post-doc in the U.S., Western Europe or Japan. I just do theoretical physics, and people often throw on what exactly „'s hot.“ For my study it was string theory. If you want to but harder to choose the path, choose what they think is right and walk carefully behind it.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2339/Mi­roslav.JPG * *]

** Still watching what is going on in physics? Changing knowledge in the field quickly, or is it rather a slower pace of research? **

Yes, I watch. Personally, I would have liked a little faster pace (as we read in the literature of science fiction). But changes happen. Their speed is to know with hindsight. Eg. in the mid-nineties, scientists optimistically claimed that nuclear fusion is at hand. But until now, after more than ten years, it seems that it is more technological than a scientific problem.

** You have achieved a high education and have a longer travel through time in „reality.“ You can determine today if a higher degree corresponds to a higher level of pay and employment? **

The amount of education achieved today is a necessary condition for obtaining interesting and decently paid work. The employer knows that the candidate has taken upon himself the obligation and its goal (diploma or university degree) achieved. And that's exactly what it expects from its employees when working on projects.

** And finally, I can not forgive: you know a joke about matfyzácích? **

Matfyzák comes to photo lab: „I need to produce pictures.“ „9 to 13?“ „2541865828 329th Why not? “

** Thank you for your time! **

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