COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Faculty of Education - Part I Added:22.8. 2008
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Faculty of Education - Part I

Gone are the times when the prestigious teaching profession. Yet the teaching faculty of the lack of candidates can not complain. It is generally known that not every student at the time of entry to high desire to become a teacher. But did you know that even the schools themselves do not intend to have all graduates of teacher? Many of them say it offers an interesting and non-teaching fields. Therefore, we decided to look at the pedagogical faculties offer more detail. Note: Article was updated on the 13th 12th 2009 (-HUS-).

** University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice **

The Czech Budejovice, the study focused primarily on training teachers first elementary school and 2 elementary school, but also teaching art in schools and kindergartens, the non-teaching courses and also eligible to apply for lifelong learning.

** ** Teaching Areas Teacher for the 1st Go here can be studied separately as a full 5-year master's degree. Entrance exams applicants from the Czech language and music education.

In addition, the faculty offers bachelor series of articles focusing on education. These are listed two-field and lead the students to continue in master studies, usually focused and teacher training for the 2 primary school. You can choose from traditional subjects such as math or history, including Spanish. Admission is dvojobor hits. Current bid announced by dvojoborů including characteristics of study and received the expected number of click ‚here‘:…cants/bc.php.

The teaching of elementary music school offering faculty teaching music or art for art school. Both courses are three-year bachelor's and again in the interests of the student teaching experience to foresee the establishment of a Master's degree studies.

A range of teaching disciplines also adds bachelor of practical teaching and training at secondary vocational schools, and foundations in the fields of production technology or teaching vocational subjects.

** ** Non-teaching fields All degree programs from this menu are three-year bachelor. The degree of philology can take a foreign language for European and international trade, specifically Russian. In addition, the faculty offers bohemistics studies, art, social education, geography, public administration, psychology and other interesting subjects.

A complete list of degree courses, visit the „pages of the faculty“:…/applicants/.

** Technical University of Liberec **

At the Technical University in Liberec, head for neučitelskými fields for the first učitelstvím elementary school and a specialization in education.

** These courses are focused on education ** Teacher for the 1st Primary school attendance is a five-year master's degree that prepares graduates for teaching at lower primary school. The student also completes a deepened by a specialized object in the program.

In the master study courses you can study for 2 Teacher Primary School Teacher Training for Secondary Schools and Teacher Training courses for elementary and secondary schools, has always preferred to focus on objects.

The Faculty offers also offers the Specialization Program in Pedagogy The combination of the eleven subjects, including Spanish language, geography, history or science. With a focus on training you in a program of study and physical education. The study is a three-year bachelor's and its graduates can directly apply in practice or to establish the study of master degree programs.

** ** Non-teaching fields The Faculty offers the three-year bachelor's degree courses: Sports Management, Czech Language and Literature, Philosophy Social Sciences, Applied Physics, Applied Geography, Mathematics,‚s cul­tural and museological studies, pedagogical and psychological fitness, penitentiary care (previously Social educator) / Social Worker, Special Early Childhood Education / Special Education for Educators, Pedagogy of leisure time. Furthermore, two-year follow-up master‘s degree in applied physics and history.

For more information, including news announced by the degree programs and courses, visit the „pages of the faculty“:

** ** The University of

University of Hradec Kralove, in addition to interesting non-instructional courses can also boast a non-traditional courses offered in the areas focused on education. Get their money's certainly music lovers, who are taught in several different forms.

** These courses are focused on education ** Among the three year bachelor's courses to choose how traditional school subjects, and the less frequent and sometimes unconventional. The two-field study extends perhaps a little play an instrument and singing, and Basics. The single-subject study, however, see, inter alia, religious education, church music, Choir Conducting, social pathology and prevention, textile production, and graphic art – multimedia. The five-year master's program is a Primary School Teacher, which allows us to study for the 1 Teacher primary school, either alone or augmented by English, German, French or Russian. The two-year master's programs offer courses Systematic Biology and Ecology, Social Work, Social Pedagogy, Special Education Rehabilitation and Management activities of special equipment and education of preschool age.

** ** Non-teaching fields If you are looking for happiness elsewhere than teaching, you can choose from courses of study Financial and Insurance Mathematics, Systematic Biology and Ecology, Physico-technical measurements and computer technology, language and literary culture, foreign language for tourism (English, French, German, or Russia – two-field study) and branches in the study of social policy and social work educators (two-field study) and Special Education (two-field study).

For more information, visit the „pages of the faculty“:

** Important **: The list of degree programs and courses is only indicative and may be extended at any time Faculty (newly accredited degree programs) or may be narrower (some faculty accredited degree programs or courses not in the academic year not to open). So the list prepared for the academic year, the faculty itself. Faculty must normally be published on its website.

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