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Oral interview: English, focusing on interpretation and translation Added:25.8. 2008
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Oral interview: English, focusing on interpretation and translation

She walked through language tests. Joy to jump ten meters into the air. But all is not yet certain. Are you planning a second, less demanding part. Interview. This is part fifty selected candidates. Will, however, only twelve. What to expect the entrance of the oral and how to prepare for them, you will learn the following article.

Palacky University, walking down a corridor along the English boards. Open the cabinet door. Two examiners test the knowledge the first candidate, between what two students had already translated text at the next table. This year, translated ==== ==== Orwell

Brief introduction and putting their own experience and překladatelstvím tlumočnictvím. It now awaits candidates for entry into the drawing room. Prepare should report to the question whether in the future wish to work more as interpreters or translators. Equally important is adequately justify its decision. „Each candidate had about twenty-five minutes to translate the English text, while he other is talking about it,“ said party admission and graduate school Nejedlíková Claire, saying that translating the lyrics were too broad. "A4 paper were equipped to the table. The advantage of the marked lines and larger spaces. Overall, the text was too long, "she said. But not everyone selected an unknown fragment of the text fits. Those who passed the test this school year, will be faced with excerpts from Orwell's Animal Farm. Light or heavy? Opinions varied. Students were still available dictionaries, where you can search for unknown terms.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2345/an­glictina.jpg]

„After twenty-five minutes, the examiner showed the student version of the text. He was then asked to read the text in Czech. If something did not seem examiner, a student asked why he chose to translate this very word, "said the female candidate and went on:“ For example, I had to defend why I translated or not translated names of the horses, which are narrated in the passage. "

The investigator also asked for details

Admissions, however, that the applicant is not over. After translating the text, came to the listening section. „They released us the English story and we have yet to make comments,“ said Clara, with the story after hearing the candidates were asked to take it retold in English. „In the middle of the story, however, stopped me and asked me to continue in Czech,“ she said. For trying to recognize whether the candidate really understands recording, asking for details. „I said I was lying wounded on the road man. But the investigator wanted to know how the man was wounded, "she said. The moment finally came as the last question. "First I make sure that it will not affect the acceptance, after they asked me if I wanted to study more in Prague, Olomouc,“ said Klara, and admitted that although the preferred Prague, the notice came to her „adopted“. Upon receipt of this notice, but it was necessary to report within three days of its decision on the outcome of the study.

It is normal that the candidate makes a mistake

How to overcome stage fright from the entrance? Just think of them. „The tests are designed to test knowledge that student gains over several years. It is perfectly normal that the candidate makes the flaw entrance exams, "said Claire continued,“ Sam, I got a similar situation in the translation of the word „Labour“. Examiner, however, I explained why I was so in translation, and he acted after hearing me explain the exact meaning of the word. 'An important and considered trying to access. Those on her, as she said, pleasantly served and tried to keep a fair admissions. The final question, what would be recommended to those interested in the study, said: „Just talk, answer questions and talk with them about everything that interests them.“

NB.: Labour – work, effort, hard work, but also labor

Note: Article was 20 3rd Updated in 2011. (KAV)

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