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Working abroad - the country which to choose? Part I. Added:13.8. 2008
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Working abroad - the country which to choose? Part I.

University did not come to you, you are looking for new experiences, friends and experiences, or just need to earn? Whatever your reason may be, before you decide to pack your bags, try to find out as much information as possible about the country to which you are going. The first part of our article will alert you to the basic conditions for work in the major non-European countries.

** U.S. ** The United States is a great attraction for hard worker around the world. In addition to great earnings America attracts a varied opportunities to travel and build a career. Do not forget that for a transitional work in the U.S. needs more Czech citizens called a nonimmigrant visa, the award also does not guarantee admission to the States. For visa must undergo a personal interview at the U.S. Embassy and you must have a passport corresponding to specific requirements. The help you can ask the Agency to work but in most cases you're looking for yourself (eg „Best jobs.“: Http://www.bes­ As soon as possible to secure a ticket, and especially to inform all the forms needed to work in U.S.. If you earn less than $ 5,000, you do not pay federal tax, but obligatory for you city and state tax. For details, see „here.“: Http://www.aic­.cz/cms/brochu­re-workntravel.pdf " Pages American Embassy. ": Http://czech.pra­gue.usembassy­.gov/non-immigrant_visas­.html [Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2347/new-york-city.jpg * *]

** Canada ** Did you know that in Canada it is not possible to work as an au pair? Or that the employer you may require knowledge of French? Canada is, in terms of working conditions, a slightly stricter than the U.S.. Applications for work permits for youth in Canada deals with Canadian Embassy in Prague (all other embassies in Vienna, it also is responsible most of the written questions). Canada provides young people with several types of programs: International internships for graduates, career growth, Internship in the study, working holidays and working holidays for students (SWAP). These programs have relatively stringent conditions (proof of the amount of 2,500 Canadian dollars on your account, pay the administrative fee, properly completed forms). The work also must look for yourself (for example, „Job Futures.“: Http://www.job­­me.shtml). Answers to your questions can be found „here.“: Http://­­les/YOM/Brochu­re_YMO.pdf " Pages Canadian embassy. ": Http://­­p/text.asp?pa­geID=NTfEHGx2&lan­g=1

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2347/Kan­da.jpg * *]

** Australia ** If you are interested in earning the Antipodes, the easiest way is to choose a combination of study and work. Needed is a valid student visa and work permit until you ask the immigration office in Australia to get it should not be a problem, you'll pay for it but 55 AUD. Application for student visa you can make „online“: or through the embassy in Vienna. During the study period you are limited by 20 hours of work per week during study leave, you can work indefinitely. The work you find yourself, it will be a mostly instrumental works (the area of ​​services, au pair, seasonal work) and the evaluation is mostly derived from the level of your English. A visa for you can also deal with "Student

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** New Zealand ** Tempted by the location filming of Lord of the Rings, looking forward to the beautiful countryside and improve the language? New Zealand offers under the Working Holiday 1000 free jobs for citizens of the Czech Republic at the age of 18–30 years. New Zealand embassy, ​​however, located in Berlin and London, so as with Australia easier to handle through an agency. The conditions are similar to those in Australia. Visa through the „Student Agency.“: ​​Http://www.stu­­inpage.php?swit­ch=101505&odes­lano=true&stat=No­vý% 20Zéland

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