COMPARISON OF COURSES: Film School Added:16.8. 2008
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The movie can be at school in the Czech Republic to get three channels. Note: Article was updated on the 28th 12th 2009 (-K-)

The first way is pretty difficult, but it still the world's most acclaimed film – FAMU. The second way is through private Film Academy of Miroslav in Písek. And the third is rather theoretical – will introduce you to the field of film criticism, which you can study at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University and Masaryk.

FAMU ===== =====

** Where ** Film and Television Academy of Performing Arts, the Smetana Embankment 2, Prague 1 ** Courses offered: ** Animation and Multimedia Production, Documentary Production, Photography, Camera, Direction, Production, Camera, scriptwriting and editing, Editing and Sound Design. All courses can be studied only loans for, the bachelor or master degree. ** Entrance Exams ** entrance exams at FAMU are divided into three parts. First are the aptitude test – the candidate they are cast into the end of November, several of his own works (each entry has its own department). Generally speaking, a combination of custom design work by subject area, to which you apply, stories and analysis of your chosen film. The second round of reviews the applicant's know­ledge of general outlook, especially in the field of cinema, film analysis, the ability and skills to create a dramatic situation – on paper. Admitted applicants based on the third round, where it is waiting for the interview and the requirement for processing of any practical task. ** The chances of adoption: ** FAMU works hard on it to accept only those who think that the film really „seriously“. On average, therefore, to FAMU to get the third attempt. Every year for bachelor courses taken about one-tenth of the nearly 700 applicants. ** Graduates ** FAMU guarantees their students learn to work in a creative and self-management position in each of the courses offered. School Pages: ":

Film Academy of Miroslav in Písek (FAMO )

** Where ** Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek, Lime Alley 2068, Sand Offered courses: ** Media design, image, editing and sound in audiovisual production, organization and management of audio-visual production work and animation. All three-year full-time undergraduate study. Tuition is 30th 000 crowns per semester for undergraduate study and 40 000 CZK for the Masters. Entrance Exams ** ** Are the two rounds. In the first round of the talent committee assesses applicants, according to the work. Entering work again vary by industry, still remains a requirement for the analysis of one (fiction or documentary) film. The second round is a written test on film history, literature, theater and music, and then an oral interview with the board. In some fields of study or examination of practical skills to be a student fantasy. ** Graduates ** should find opportunities in film, television, dubbing and radio studio, whether at national or regional. Work may also advertising agencies, or in education. Several graduates have found a place in the National Film Archive. School Pages: / FAMO ":

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2351/fil­m2.jpg]

Arts ===== ===== Charles University

** Where ** Faculty of Arts Department of Film Studies, majoring in film studies, us. Jan Palach 2, Prague. Offered courses: study film criticism can be studied in-time undergraduate or full-time master's study. ** Entrance Exams ** consists of aptitude test (examining the ability of candidates to watch movies and know the history of film) and an oral interview. ** The chances of adoption: ** Estimated number of students admitted in 2008 is 20 ** Graduates ** They know the history of world cinema and the Czech and Slovak film, speak two foreign languages ​​and understand the film springs. They can be applied in the cultural, educational and scientific institutions, such as cultural periodicals and editors in film production. School Pages: ":

Arts ===== ===== Masaryk University

** Where ** Faculty of Arts MU, Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture, Arna Novak 1, Brno ** Courses offered: ** Field Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture (formerly the Film criticism) can be studied dvouborově alone or in combination with another subject taught at the Faculty of Arts. The study is full-time or combined bachelor's, master's follow-up study. Entrance Exams ** ** Are two wheels. The first study is to test assumptions, the second qualification test. In it is necessary to answer questions about the film and media theory and history of Czech and world cinema. There is also an English language test. ** The chances of adoption: ** Approximate number admitted to the undergraduate classroom teaching in 2008 was about 30 students. The Faculty offers a preparatory course (only) for the students. ** Graduates ** Students in this course will know the theory and history of Czech film and world cinema. Applies mainly in education and in scientific and research institutions. School Pages: ":

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