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Denmark controvert or disagree? A must! Added:27.8. 2008
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Denmark controvert or disagree? A must!

As we have already in just a few of our articles have shown, studying abroad is not a long-only selected a handful of the best marks and pocket the hardest. If you find yourself in the least bit of courage and motivation, you can also quite easily get into various parts of the world …

Very popular as Germany, England, France, Spain and the U.S. should be. However, you can resurface in a little less „explored“ country – just as it did the Peterová Bara, a student of journalism at Charles University, which last year went to Denmark.

** Why did you choose just Denmark? ** Denmark was a little unexpected choice. Originally I wanted to go to a country where English is the mother tongue, which according to offer journalism students under the Faculty of Social Sciences accounted for Great Britain. Unfortunately, or fortunately maybe, but I have successfully gone through bankruptcy. Only in the second round so I chose Denmark, which essentially remained as one of the countries where it is possible to apply the Erasmus English. If, however, had to decide again, I'm not having any choice in the Nordic countries falter. Education is there for a much higher level than us and to communicate in English is no problem.

** Can you think somehow compare the Danish way of teaching to Czech? ** At first sight it is clear that the system of teaching is very different than us. Teachers (as well as elsewhere in Scandinavia) reach a given name, which creates a student-teacher relationship much closer. I even noticed that even at the doors of their cabinets are not teachers titles – only the name and surname. Discussions during the hours it is almost mandatory. Argue or even disagree with the teacher, there is nothing that should worry students. Of course the condition that they forward a strong case. Great emphasis is placed on practice. Courses are taught in addition gradually, ie. over a period of one subject on which the lodge at the end of the test, and then another.

** As with you – as a foreign student – be treated? She was waiting for you any privileges? ** I do not dare say that we should explicitly privilege, but the overall approach of the school was very accommodating. It was obvious that they are happy for each foreign student who comes to them and from which they can gain information and experience. Unlike the teachers in this country who are not interested in what a student abroad, saw, heard and what it could possibly be used for home school. The first week of the semester for us, the school has planned several events – the Town Hall, Danish course, pizza parties, etc.

** Can you describe the structure of a little program that you studied? ** The Danish School of Journalism (Danmarks Journalisthojskole) opens to foreign students, one-three and one two-semester program. I attended one of those one-and the International Semester. As the title suggests, students participate in it, in essence, the whole world – my classmates were not only from other European countries, but also from the USA, Canada, Australia and South Korea. The only drawback may be fixed given the structure of the program, namely in terms of objects. They can not be selected, the schedule is pre-school. During the semester we had five courses – International Newsgathering, EU Workshop, Stereotypes, Risk Reporting and Final Project. Teaching took much more time than what I was accustomed to at home. On the other hand, however, was not about reading books and then writing seminar papers. As I mentioned, the practice is almost in the first place, so we constantly wrote articles, videos filmed, photographed. I can calculate exactly how much time it took me (talking about Proposition 120 hours for each course), but the truth is that free time, I was no shortage. Interesting were the two trips that we have received during the semester. One was to the nearby Copenhagen (the International newsgathering) and one to Brussels (EU Workshop). Although the trips were not in the literal sense – we were given the work that we are having to prepare and then deliver – it livened the whole program and rescued a man from the everyday going to and from school.

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** How did you spend your free time? ** What I from Denmark will probably miss most is the sea. Picnics on the beach one in the Czech Republic does not experience with their classmates!

** If you should briefly describe the impressions that you brought home from Denmark, what would it be? ** Denmark is the way a particular country. Not only in education but in other sectors are at a much higher level than we do. Well-known high taxes, which makes up 60% of salary, people come here at all strange (there is free health care). And every student at the College receives a monthly allowance or, if you want pocket money from the state, from which it can be nice to live on. Some students say the brigade takes place, but it's not the rule. Also, there is no maximum age student. Each has a number of months, which may give the studio. It does not matter where you choose to use. For example, can study at Bachelor degree, then a few years to travel or work and then go back to school. On the other hand, in Denmark to meet with the fact that most stores are open only on Saturday morning and Sunday only if the first of the month. International credit cards are generally more in store … Not accepted It remains, therefore, than to make friends with the ATM. The bike is a common means of transport. Mass transport in the city are relatively expensive (and even the Danes themselves), runs at large intervals, and yet not directly in the time stated in the timetable.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2354/ko­lej outside.JPG]

** Would you recommend the school where you studied, as well as other students? ** Studies at The Danish School of Journalism would definitely highly recommended by everyone. Teaching is good in all directions. I tried to practice the things I have in life to journalism in the CR did not try, she met people from all over the world. A certain disadvantage is that in Denmark, as well as in other Scandinavian countries, unfortunately, quite expensive.

** And one more question for Conclusion: You saying "drunk as a Dane? ** Without it I would like to denigrate the Danes, so definitely yes! Party there almost every day and drink a beer can really incredible amount of …

Author: Černá, Lucie

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