The new legal field of grappling techniques - applications 1 September! Added:19.8. 2008
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The new legal field of grappling techniques - applications 1 September!

Faculty of Palacky University, Olomouc announces admissions to the newly accredited ** field **. Higher Judicial Officer Listed in the three-year bachelor's degree Legal Specialization.

Graduates of this program may apply such as senior officials in the courts and prosecutor's of­fices for lawyers, notaries, court bailiffs and similar legal institutions.

The success of the recruitment procedure will affect not only the result of written tests, but also proven experience in the field. The written test consists of the first part of the issues of logic, history, general knowledge and general assumptions for the study, the second part will examine the applicant's know­ledge of a foreign language (Aj, Nj or FR).

The term e-filing deadline is ** 1 ** September 2008 inclusive. Admission to 3rd place ** ** September 2008 in the Judicial Academy in, Masaryk Square. 183, which will also be teaching. More information about the field profile and graduate entrance exams can be found „on page PF UPOL“:…maci-rizeni/.


Author: Černá, Lucie

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