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Oral interview: what to wear? Psychology of Color Added:29.8. 2008
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Oral interview: what to wear? Psychology of Color

It is said that the first view is most important. Aside, what's the truth. Devoting time to selecting clothes for this important day is certainly meaningful. Whether to choose a skirt or pants, that you are with us to read. We turn now to a somewhat mysterious region of the human psyche and how it can affect the colors you choose.

Of course, there are no fixed rules, what each color means. The assessor but you can work completely differently when you appear in a combination of orange and yellow, or vice versa black from head to toe. But before you start začtete and choose whether you want to look confident and wise to be aware of your options offers your wardrobe, what we wear and what you feel good and comfortable.

** Color type ** We are not fashion advice, but we recommend at least briefly pay attention to what you actually type. The color of your skin, hair and eyes to determine which colors will automatically be more fitting. Blonde men with blue or gray eyes fit most pastel shades, blue, white or pink. Men can choose a brown suit. If you have a rather light brown or red hair, it is suitable to you „fall“ and the warm tones, a brown, orange, dark green – but beware, decently! Can afford dark-haired black and brown and revive it as red (tie and accessories).

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** ** Color Meanings ** Black ** – is widely considered the most elegant black color that nothing nezkazíte. Its big plus is the possibility of almost unlimited combination. There is, however, that the place will eventually look like a dignified funeral and the jury can not remember you at all, because it blends in with the crowd. It is therefore recommended only for an item of clothing (skirt, suit, but not the shirt). Black gives you an impression of solidity and authority, but can also be seen as a protest (with red), and negativity. ** White ** – Also, white is not recommended for the entire garment. We operate in it a credible and positive, is associated with the idea of ​​innocence and purity. If this blow over with her but you will evoke more vulnerability, coldness and superficiality. It is best to choose a white shirt or a blouse. ** ** Grey – Grey is a fairly neutral color that fits exactly to white, it will look humbly and seriously. But also is associated with poverty and „gray mouse“ indicates that the self is not entirely appropriate. ** Red ** – Very popular with both sexes. It is the color that draws attention, so be careful with it: Select it to tie a scarf around her neck, accessories, but forget about red shoes, handbags or briefcases. This would forcefulness, confidence and changed the dynamics rather (in the interview inappropriate) defiance, provocation and defiance. ** Blue ** – For men with more blue suits in dark colors, women can use it on the blouse. It is good to combine and use only quality materials. Blue is the color, although quiet and thoughtful, but does not say too much about originality and more assertive, more about the reliability and adherence to tradition. ** Green ** – This color represents Although many noble qualities (pride, flexibility, balance), but the clothes fit too. For formal communication is not „natural“ and may paradoxically cause sloppy, and sarcasm. ** ** Brown – Brown is associated with the image of solidity, interest in the fine, the fortress. The people in it you credibility. It is recommended to choose more darker tones in combination with warm colors. In general, you should carefully handle the ** yellow ** (may cause a warning) ** Pink ** (evokes hypersensitivity, is not suitable for men), ** purple ** (disturbing color, dreaming more than thinking) and orange ** ** (work cheaply).

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Note: Article was 20 3rd 2011 to date. (KAV)

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