Literary Academy Added:21.8. 2008
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Literary Academy

„Literary Academy offers bachelor's and master's program, which at any other university in the Czech Republic will not find,“ reads the website of the Literary Academy. What is the truth?

Literary Academy (Private High School Joseph Škvorecký) rank among the most prestigious schools for future writers, editors, publishers or television and radio presenters. The role of the lecturers are well-known writers, directors and playwrights. The school attracts to such names as Michael Viewegh, Arnost Goldflam, Peter Šabach, Daniel Keywords, George's gran­dfather and many others.

** General information ** This school offers two courses in the bachelor study (daily and long-form) and three Master's (day-time students). Entrance exams are three rounds. In the first round written test in English, candidates should have knowledge of at least school-leaving exams. The next round will take part only candidates to study creative writing – it is an aptitude test. Admissions committee shall send its own about three-text of any genre on any topic. The latest round is an oral exam. There was a great candidate to bring a list of literature I have read, viewed films, theatrical performances and exhibitions, the minimum number of fifty items. The interview committee determined focus on discipline, motivation to study and view of the Czech cultural scene and media.

And beware – the deadline for applications for the second part of the entrance examinations is 31 August!

** Fields **

** Bachelor **

Study creative writing and journalism: this field can be studied full-time and combined study. Graduates will receive the title of BCA (Bachelor of Arts). During the study, the school has to develop students' ability to write prose, dramatic texts and literary criticism. The study is a literary theory and history of literature and theater. The student himself during the study determines the direction of his future work, students from the bench in this field have been based writers, editors, critics, writers, translators or writers.

Field Communications and media: Study can be studied only in full-time graduate gets BcA. Students should learn the theory and practice of media, not only to know the Czech and world media scene, but also know what works in the media about. Get the basics of psychology, teaches the history of media, will know the basics of editing work and confesses in technology media. Graduates will thus become moderators, editors and programmers.

** Postgraduate Studies **

Field of Creative Writing: daily studies, graduates obtain a MA degree during the study develops students' creative writing skills acquired in the Bachelor cycle and deepen his knowledge of major literary theory.

Field Editorial work: again, time course and after successful graduation MgA (Master of Arts). Graduates should be experts on the editorial work and non-periodical and electronic media and publications. The students thus become editors, proofreaders and editors.

Degree in media communication: time course and the MA degree students during their studies and gain more depth practical and theoretical knowledge in the media. Graduates are therefore the future leaders of creative teams, media analysts, editors and spokespersons in the media sphere.

** Projected number admitted to study in 2008/2009: 150 ** Tuition **: ** Bachelor's in full-time pay 59,500 crowns per semester, undergraduate combined worth 45,000 crowns per semester and MA students pay 50,000 crowns per semester.

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