Adventure education Added:29.8. 2008
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Adventure education

A number of things that you may encounter in life, do not prepare to never. But there are situations that can be forward to „teach“. Not expecting you to not even psychological counseling, even boring sitting in a classroom. Remember how you were playing like little kids at camp? If you are tired of the game until now, there is no reason in stopping them.

If you experience pedagogy grabs one, is likely to stay with her for a long time. What do you expect? Gradually extend the comfort zone – will increase the number of situations where you feel safe. Under the guidance of experienced instructors will find that you can overcome ourselves and gain greater self-confidence, ability to be able to cope. At the same time fun, to get together like-minded people.

** ** Experiences As the name suggests, the main means of experiential education is the production experience. This usually leads different games and situations that trigger strong emotions. Another element is then feedback and discussion to help you realize what you just experienced, and use it in the future.

** ** What to expect You sound far too much fun this activity? No wonder we just will dryly presented its basic principles. How it looks in reality? Organizers experiential events for you to prepare an interesting program. You play games, try out the various interesting activities and techniques, which are normally not meet. You will practice how to separate decision-making and teamwork. The experiential focus of the course you can also learn different skills, such as a fun way to learn how to give first aid. Your own active participation is a matter of course, without it, for such action will be essentially useless. This is not a no drill. Everything is fun and everyone just goes so far as he sees fit (not to worry – except maybe himself, but at least you know better). You will not be forced into anything.

** Where and how to get started ** If any of your friends dedicated to experiential pedagogy, certainly no problem to steer you in the right direction. Otherwise, do not despair – just go through the offer of organizations that are involved in this activity. Among these include „Summer School Lipnice.“: Http://www.psl­.cz/­px many interesting links can be found „here“:…p/Organizace. Whether you spend your free time however, it is good to expose your other options. „We can only make decisions about how to deal with time, which was given to us,“ says one of Tolkien's cha­racters.

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