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Keep ahead of the others - the zero year of study! Added:1.9. 2008
Updated:6.6. 2011
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Keep ahead of the others - the zero year of study!

You have certainly heard about the possibility of studying the so-called zero grade. Currently, this topic probably most interested in those who are at high entrance into happiness and smile now consider how complete annual break. Preparing for the successful management of coming to the entrance so it seems to be a good solution. Note: Article was the 6th 6th 2011 to date. (KAV)

Zero year: what is it?

Year zero is the unofficial name for a kind of preparatory course for entrance exams, which organize themselves as universities and colleges, as well as various educational agencies. In both cases, but you must prepare for that, your decision to enter the preliminary year will feel slightly and your wallet – you somewhere because you will need to prepare tens of thousands amounts. Most of the courses on offer there are those who are preparing to study the legal, medical or economic faculties. Are designed either as preparation for individual parts of entrance examinations, or the contents of teaching „copy“ the first year of standard study.

Zero Volume: pros and cons

Before you decide to enter into preliminary year, it's good to remember several things.

First, the mere completion of preliminary year you one hundred percent success in entrance examinations guarantee. Very often, however, is advantageous over other candidates benefit, especially if the applicant graduated from a course at the school, which wants to report.

Second, registration of the preparatory course will automatically acquire student status. This entails, of course, provided that you do not work, also brings an obligation to pay health insurance. The loss of other student benefits (scholarships, ISIC card, discounted fares, etc.), not to mention … Student status but you can keep necessary by a preparatory course enroll with post-secondary foreign language course.

Third, completing the course will not receive any degree or diploma accredited, each school will only issue a certificate of completion.

Fourth: Especially now, when rates begin to fill up very quickly, not hesitate for long. It can easily happen to you is that the course you chose on Tuesday, on Wednesday will not be up for grabs … Deadlines for submitting applications for most of the preparatory courses culminate at this time.

Fifth: The majority of courses is classically in the morning (the exact time depends on the school where you study). Although there are those that meet workers (held in the evening or in a combined form of study), however, are in the minority, and thus applies here: choose time!

Author: Černá, Lucie

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