Information for freshmen I. Added:2.9. 2008
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Information for freshmen I.

Every freshman solve many new problems, is full of fear and a lot of questions. Most universities, therefore, prepared for a future first year students brochures or website.

Students who boards a few weeks at Charles University in Prague, you can download from the Internet „information brochure“:…roPrvaky.doc in which they find thematically sorted and a lot of important information important references.

Those who are planning to Brno at MU, will appreciate the reference to „Prvákoviny.“: Http://www.prva­ addition to all the essential information you will also find an invitation to a two-day meeting of freshmen, which will certainly help to dissolve the early shyness.

If you in the years to host the Technical University in Prague, also do not have to worry about. You can contact the organization had „IAESTE“:, which are available to assist with any trouble and it can still be realized.

Advice for freshmen from other schools will appear at this site during the next days!

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