Information for freshmen II. Added:5.9. 2008
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Information for freshmen II.

Soon moving to college in Olomouc, but still you are not sure where the study and are afraid to forget something important? Clear and friendly form will communicate the essentials guide „Kudykam.“: Http://fch.upol­.cz/temp/Kudy­Kam2007.pdf Although it is designed for 2007, but many things have certainly changed.

Similarly, UWB let their freshmen in the lurch, the guide can be downloaded „here.“: Http://www.fst­­ry/pro-studenty/pruvodce-prvaka-zcuR.pdf Published by IAESTE.

Neither the Czech Budejovice not stay behind. JU Student Council publishes guide to university, where you can download from the Internet to "this

Just do not worry and just do it! Beginnings are the worst, but the results are worth it!

Information for other university freshmen:

„FEI Ostrava“:…a_na_FEI.pdf „University of New York“:…-na-vse.html [[odkaz2: (unofficial site) „TBU“:…

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