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Step by step to graduation: graduation year overview of events Added:5.10. 2008
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Step by step to graduation: graduation year overview of events

Expect to graduation this year, but terms like stužkovák, deadline for accepting applications, graduation party, or Holy Week you are still a bit unclear? This article will help you with the most significant milestones of leaving the bearings. Application * ** ** graduation test Fill the empty boxes subjects. Although it may at first seem like a formality, the opposite is true. Without a properly completed and filed application for a student can be admitted to the school-leaving exam. The advantage is that it takes care of applications in most cases high school. Students can give more attention to their choice of examined subjects. If some are still hesitant about the suitability of subjects, it is good to think correctly but also quickly. Select the items is time-limited. After the deadline, students selected objects can no longer change.

  • ** ** Stužkovací party

Decorated with colorful ribbon pack many a quarter. How do I get it? Smuggling into the state maturantského stužkovacím party. It takes place in the presence of the teacher and teach others who participated in the training and running classes. This is the spirit in which the party bears the Individualized matter. But mostly the students going to talk about their first years of his study during a screening of the common fan. With a slight smile, then added: „It was an action“. Artistic individuals can realize the scénkách, musical or dance performances. They add fun and party juice.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2380/prih­laska.jpg]

  • ** Registration for high school **

Where do you file an application? Looking at the list of fields of study in the teaching of the student newspaper may be many a raid angst. The offer is wide. It is therefore important to note which direction the student wants to go. Did give priority to social science, natural science, technical or artistic fields. If the decision falls for an art career, the student should keep an eye on deadlines for applications. These are compared with others handed over in advance.

  • ** ** Tableau

Graphic novel, a live painting, plaster casts of faces, or distinctive banner in the middle of the main artery of the city. Originality tabel no limits. Apparently, students are creating imaginative tabel pleased. Going through the streets of the graduation season is at least noticeable. Encounter today in black and white classics „from the photographer“ pinned to the board coated polystyrene is no more a rarity.

  • ** ** Graduation exam

Given topic, while the reflection, writing and writing. Thus, in our ongoing school-leaving exam in the Czech language and literature. Students have the best in the morning to grab and handle the topic in the range of three or more parties without missed period style department. Although the essay part of the school-leaving examinations, formal wear is usually not strictly required.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2380/pos­lednizvoneni.jpg]

  • ** ** Last ringtones

Farewell to the school. It does not take place only in this way every day. Fourth grade students because it deserves to enjoy. Dressed as a bee, Hussites, angels, or savages go after school, singing, dancing and laughing. Teachers then give them some flower classmates describe marker with a medicinal and hallways decorated braids and colored papers. Finally, the issue with the moneybox way street. Encouraging, however, passers-by to contribute maturantům a crown, is not all that simple task. It is therefore not the case, prepare a short poem, song or sketch.

  • ** ** Holy Week

Last week before graduation. For most of a quarter means learning, practicing and many a sleepless night over the neglected material. Sometimes suddenly sounded phones and emails are filled by mail. This former graduates seek advice my friends, how to effectively use the donated time. Other students of Holy Week take it easy. Sometimes I play sports or meet with friends. They are trying to calm them, saying: „Do not worry, you can handle.“ Which method is better? This will take you to the students after graduation test.

  • ** Graduation **

The last test in high school, which čtvrťáci in their graduate studies. Although the low number of examined subjects is four, with the voluntary limits. Candidates can take on the fifth graduation course.

  • ** Entrance exams for high school **

General scholastic aptitude (OSP), tests of learning prerequisites (TSP), professional tests, tests of aptitude or oral interviews. The admission procedure varies from school to school. Candidates for study are therefore advised to inquire in detail about the entrance exams and to give it adequate preparation.

  • ** ** Graduation Party

Joint party last quarter. It may be in the class, or even more in the style of the entire graduation year. Teachers are also invited, with which students can first talk to other than the official position of the pupil – teacher.

  • ** ** Transfer Certificate

The final act of transmitting the final report will make end to four years in high school. Is mostly ceremonial room in the presence of parents and relatives.

After a year of effort awaiting high school graduates sweet reward. This form has the longest summer vacation in the present study. But again the next time ..

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