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Do you speak French? Evaluate it! Added:6.9. 2008
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Do you speak French? Evaluate it!

You'll also sometimes swore at the piles of homework and ongoing tests that you otherwise difficult to mean quite a pleasant student life. For example, a foreign language but not learn without the constant drill. Whether at least some consolation that you once this hard work can pay well, because languages ​​can now be used in vast range of disciplines. (First article was updated on the 12th, 2009)

But because the majority of schools teaching languages ​​led rather just professionally, is perhaps just a year after graduating the best time to make the drudgery of high school as much as possible and it should complete the certificate. In our series dedicated to language exams will first introduce ** national and international exams in French **.

  • ** DELF / DALF **

The French said that the language of diplomats, which in itself clearly indicates that it is one of the languages ​​used in institutions and organizations, international levels. The exams in this language is definitely worth investing. Probably the most famous trials of the French, DELF and DALF, in our organizes French Institute Alliance Francaise, the French Centre in Olomouc and the French – Czech club in Zlín. After passing this exam you may receive two types of diplomas, which differ only in the degree of difficulty. All exhibits the French Ministry of Education and is recognized not only all Czech administrative institutions in this country, as well as universities in France and other Francophone countries. Both certificates have unlimited validity.

. <> * *** France? It's not just cheese … (photo: stock.xchng) *

The first type of diploma ** ** DELF (Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française), which is designed especially for mildly to moderately advanced candidates. The test is divided into sub-subcategories, expressing the range of language proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2). They not only help in selecting a particular course or textbook according to your preferences, but also well-define your level of knowledge externally.

Diploma ** ** DALF (Diplôme de Langue Française Approfondi) already get people with really good language skills, while the holders of such input may not take language tests at French universities. The rate of language skills within this certificate is further indicated as C1 and C2 levels harder.

** Price: ** DELF A1: 700, – CZK DELF A2: 1000, – CZK DELF B1: 1 500, – CZK DELF B2: 1 800, – CZK DALF C1: 2 200, – CZK DALF C2: 2 800, – CZK

(Source: French Institute, Institute for the year 2010)

More on „“: „www.alliance­“: „cfolom.hautet­“: http:// cfolom.hautet­ / „“:


In addition, but there are also professionally oriented degrees – so you need to pass the exam in French business (** 1 ** DFA), medical (** ** DFM), legal (** ** CFJ), administrative (CFS ** ** ) or French-oriented tourism (CFTH ** **).

  • ** ** TEF

And if you want to be in some francophone countries in time to move, then certainly use the European Language Certificate TEF (Test d'Evaluation de Français), which is based on three-part test and the results achieved from it to pinpoint your skill level. It is issued by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and is valid for one year.

  • ** ** TELC

The list of international tests can not forget the lesser-known European Language Certificates TELC (The European Language Certificates; levels A2, B1 and B2). They have a very good reputation and are recognized in most states (not consist only of French but also German, English, etc.). This certificate can be used for example in obtaining employment, study abroad, and even when applying for citizenship. TELC exam covers the Frankfurt company Weiterbildungs-Testsysteme GmbH (WTG), here it held Jan Amos Comenius University in Prague.

** Price: ** TELC A2: 2 200, – CZK TELC B1: 2 600, – CZK TELC B2: 3 000, – CZK TELC C1: 3 600, – CZK All cost must be added as a mandatory test model, which costs from 500 – to 1400, – CZK (the price of some of them include a CD and / or manual).

(Source: University of Jan Amos Comenius, the status for 2009)

More on „“: and „“:


Outside of international qualifications can also apply for state certificates. They provide basic state exam (equivalent to level B1, therefore, intermediate level), the general state language examination (equivalent to level C1, is an advanced level) and then test to test skilled knowledge: interpreting state exam and state exam translation. All organized by the Language School of the City. City Hall and are recognized only in our country.

** Price: ** State primary language test: 2 800, – CZK State Language Exam General: 3 300, – CZK State Language Examination special translation: 4500, – CZK State Language Examination special interpretation: 5 000, – CZK

(Source: Capital Language School. Prague, Institute for the year 2010)

More on „“:

** And what it all? **

By passing any exams can help in several ways:

  • For some (and not just those Czech) schools take into account this fact when giving points
  • Actual tests at the entrance are also often very similar tests, which will undergo during a language course
  • Sometimes you can be such a certificate or diploma bring relief and current credit or exam
  • A certificate listed in the CV is often a great benefit when searching for employment – for employers it is a sort of yardstick to determine the orientation of your language skills and also apply them (the sentence „I know French,“ their language on your equipment tells you too)

Source: „www.jazykovez­“: institutions and websites, organizing exams

Author: Černá, Lucie

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