COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Musicology Added:4.9. 2008
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Musicology, music or even science, is very attractive. Her study, however, quite difficult because of the large volume of information and practical requirements for students. For music fans of all kinds, but especially then the classic, is an ideal field. Is it possible to study in three places in the country. Note: Article was updated on 23 11th 2009th

** Department of Musicology, Palacky University in Olomouc **

** ** Course characteristics Single-subject can be studied musicology and dvouborově a three-year Bachelor and Master's two-year follow-up study. In the first years, students learn to understand the theory and history of music, develop their practical skills and gain experience that will capitalize on specific projects already in the master's studio. Studies by writing supplementary teaching qualification graduates can also obtain qualifications for teaching music education in secondary schools. Graduates may also be applied in various musical organizations and institutions.

** The requirements for admission test ** The actual test is written part (NSZ) and verbal (knowledge of the field verification and test of musicality). Applicants for study assumed a deep interest in music and previous experience and knowledge.

** ** The view of the student "Olomouc musicology does not yet have such a large number of students, so professors are more personal approach. Focus is unfortunately a bit limited – currently focuses mainly on the research of music in Moravia. The style of teaching is still somewhat old-fashioned, because learning in my opinion, unnecessary data and dates. Unlike the German musicology students are encouraged to little independent thinking and discussion. During an internship in Leipzig, I wrote a lot of seminar papers and lectured papers for discussion which followed. This gave me much more information from the history of music and these facts could better connect with the historical context. Otherwise, however, Olomouc musicology environment friendly and has its charm. I would not change. "Veronika F., 4th year student, attended Erasmus in Leipzig

Chances of acceptance at Palacky University (to 2007/2008): 36%

** More info: ** „Details on the field“:…

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** Institute of Musicology Masaryk University, Brno **

** ** Course characteristics Musicology can be studied in Brno and single-subject-time, and combined premises. The three-year Bachelor's Mas­ter's two-year cycle continues. In addition to standard courses offered Institute seminars focused mainly on the history of music of the 17th, 18th and 20 century musical aesthetics and sociology, organology, ethnomusicology and hymnologii.

** The requirements for admission test ** Entrance exams are composed of „Learning Potential Test“:…dmission/tsp.

The chances of admission to the Faculty of Arts (to 2007/2008): 41%

** More info: ** „Site Institute“:

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** Institute of Musicology at Charles University, Prague **

** ** Course characteristics Musicology in Prague is also possible to study single-subject-time, three-year Bachelor and two-year Master's program, a five-year Master's program. Study is a necessary condition to play piano and language skills (Latin, NJ, another world language). Graduate should understand the history and current development of music and can expect a wide application in many areas related to music.

** The requirements for admission test ** The entrance examination consists of four parts: according to the minutes of listening, hearing test key musical works and styles, expert interpretation and written text works focused on the motivation to study. Applicants also submit a list of literature read.

The chances for admission to Charles University (to 2007/2008): 23%

** More info: ** „Model Tests“: „The list of recommended books for exams“:

** Source of chances for adoption: ** „Tutor“:…skoly-seznam

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